Traditional Christmas Cut Out Cookies

Since there are only two of us in the house right now who don’t eat much, I wondered about making cookies, but my daughter insisted it was a tradition, and we must do it. I knew when I was making the dough that we couldn’t eat all these cookies. W.hen all four of my kids were at home, I made lots of cookies, one batch of a different kind every day before Christmas, and I put them in canisters covered with Christmas wrapping paper and put them under the tree. In Korea, I only had two kids at home, and I was still making cookies. We shared them at church at with my students from the university. It was a good idea because Koreans love cookies, but they don’t bake. Usually, there isn’t even an oven in the house, and we used a toaster oven to make our cookies in Korea. Now, we have a nice big American oven, and it seems a shame that I have the means to make lots of cookies now, but I can’t share them at church. At church, there were ladies standing at the doors with kids sharing Christmas cookies with everyone, so my cookies really aren’t needed there. However, my daughter decided she would take a big bunch of cookies with her this morning since she volunteered to work on Christmas day because she wanted her colleague to have off to spend Christmas morning with her kids. Yesterday, when I dropped my daughter off in front of the hotel where she works, there were kids sitting on a bench in front of the hotel, and I said, “Its too bad we haven’t decorated the cookies yet, but you can bring the cookies tomorrow.” We know how much kids love cookies! My daughter took a canister of Christmas cut out cookies to work with her this morning for who ever was unlucky enough not to be at home on Christmas, but at the hotel. This is how we made them:

I began by combining three cups of sugar, one cup of butter, and one cup of cooking oil.

I cut the cooking butter into the sugar. My recipe called for two cuts of cooking oil, but I cut the cooking oil in half and added the butter for flavor. I didn’t completely do away with the oil, though, so the cookies would have a better texture.

Next, I got out four eggs.

I mixed the eggs into the sugar, butter, and oil.

Next, I put in two cups of milk. If you aren’t used to cups, one cup is 225 grams.

I mixed the two cups of milk and two teaspoons of baking soda into the sugar, butter, oil, and egg mixture.

I took time at the beginning to preheat my oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. (176.6 Celsius)

Next, I added a cup of flour and mixed it in with a wire whip, but I wasn’t done with the flour.

I added six teaspoons of baking powder into the sugar, butter, cooking oil, eggs, baking soda, and flour mixture with the wire whip.

I also mixed three teaspoons into the mixture with the wire whip. And, finally, I added seven more cups of flour. Toward the end, you have to use your hands and begin kneading the dough to make sure everything gets mixed in.

Next, I spread out some plastic wrap on a slightly wet cabinet. I made sure the cabinet was slightly wet to make the plastic wrap stick, so I could roll the dough out without the plastic moving.

I sprinkled some flour on the plastic.

I spread the flour around the plastic and got out our new Christmas cookie cutters.

We haven’t bought a rolling pin yet, so I used a glass to roll the dough out flat on the floured plastic wrap.

I began pushing the cookie cutters into the dough.

As I cut out the cookies from the dough, I placed them on our nice big American cookie sheet. I was thinking, “This is going to be so much easier than doing this all day in a smaller pan in the toaster oven!” America is prepared for making lots of cookies with the big oven and the cookie sheets, and now we are. My daughter came in wanting to help, but she didn’t see where she could help and thought she might be in the way. I told her I would take a break and let her cut the cookies out and bake them, and that made her happy.

Cookies after they came out of the oven

Our recipe made up lots and lots of cookies! We left the cookies to cool. While she was finishing the cookies, I made dinner. We were too tired after we cleaned the kitchen up to decorate the cookies, so I just put them into some plastic covered containers until we could decorate them. My daughter kept saying that decorating them was her job.

The next day, Christmas Eve, my daughter decorated all those cookies while I was trying to finish the sweater I have been making her for Christmas. My daughter considers herself an artist and really loves to do this kind of thing! She is at work this morning with a big plastic container full of Christmas cut out decorated cookies sharing them with people who couldn’t go home.

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