This Question Came to My In Box: What are some physical characteristics of Korea?

If you are talking about the country itself, it is the most mountainous country in the world. It has many beautiful mountains. It is the favorite past time of many Koreans to go hiking in the mountains or in the wooded hills used as parks in the cities. The farm land is good, and lots of things grow. There are four distinct seasons, and the growing season is long enough to produce a lot of crops.

The east coast has extremely clean beaches. Photo by Oliver Sjöström on Pexels.com
S. Korea gets snow in the winter, and many people go skiing. Photo by Radu Andrei Razvan on Pexels.com

If you go to the east coast, it has some of the most beautiful, cleanest beaches in the world. You can stand on the coast line and look way out into the water and see the bottom. Solack San is one of their favorite mountains, and it is close to Seokcho beach. You can sleep in a youth hostel or hotel in the mountains, go mountain climbing at Seokcho, tour a Buddhist temple, and picnic next to a mountain stream, and go to the beach all on the same day. The churches are usually in the towns and the Buddhist temples are in the mountains. In the towns, there is a church on every street corner. Buddhism had a golden hay day once upon a time in Korea, but the monks were dishonest, and the Koreans rejected Buddhism. Now a days, Buddhism still exists, but Christianity is the most popular religion. About 50% of the people are Christian, and that number is growing all the time, and about 30% of them are Buddhist. They are both religions of peace, so it makes Korea a very peaceful country.

There are very old Buddhist temples in the mountains you can tour. Photo by fania yang on Pexels.com
Korea is the most mountainous country in the world.//Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Pexels.com
There are many beautiful rice fields.//Photo by Tom Fisk on Pexels.com

If you go to the west coast, it is not as clean as the east coast. There was an oil spill on the west coast a few years back, and they cleaned a lot, but the beaches still don’t seem quite as clean as the east coast. However, they still have lots of nice beaches up and down the west coast too. There are small islands up and down the coast with nice beaches and woods. If you go all the way south, to Jeju Island, the Koreans think of Jeju like Americans think of Hawaii, a really nice vacation spot. Jeju island is full of beautiful beaches, groves of orange trees, and woods to hike in. Jeju island also has lots of raw fish restaurants. If you drive across the country in the bus, where there aren’t mountains, there are green rice fields.

Even small towns have apartment buildings that are 24 stories high. Photo by sk on Pexels.com
Traditional style homes, hanoaks, still exist, but they aren’t the most popular. Photo by Tranmautritam on Pexels.com

If you go to Seoul, it seems like Seoul is getting bigger and bigger all the time because everyone in the country wants to live in Seoul, has lived in Seoul at one time, lives in Seoul, or will live in Seoul. The buildings are the tallest in the world, but not just in Seoul. In all the surrounding towns that are connected to Seoul because of the growth of the city, the buildings are just as tall as they are in the center too. Even in all the small towns that aren’t connected to Seoul, the apartment buildings are huge. Many are easily 24 stories high. I have lived all over the world, and I was downright astounded by the size of the buildings when I went to S. Korea the first time. It is a statistic fact that Koreans build the tallest buildings in the world. Everyone in Korea wants to live in an apartment building. The hanoaks (the traditional type houses) are still around, but either they are old, drafty, and out of style, or they are so expensive people can’t afford to live in them.

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