Cocoa and Christmas Carols

I went to the Del City church of Christ this evening over on Vicky Street in Del City. I had never been to church there, but my daughter saw the church on their website and said she thought I might like it there, and it might be good for her because of her crazy schedule because the church seems to always have something going on. When I pulled up in the front parking lot, there weren’t many cars, and I was worried that I had gotten something wrong. I went into the building and there were some teenagers in the front hall, but the building was vacant. The teenagers told me that there weren’t any Bible classes this evening, only cocoa and Christmas carols in the Youth Center. I thought, “Only for the youth? Shucks! I missed out!” When I began to go, the teenagers told me that it wasn’t only for the teenagers, but for everyone, so I headed on to the building behind the church building.

Everything was decorated for Christmas.
They were serving cocoa and cookies to the left of the door as you came in.
They were playing foosball.

The back parking lot was full. That was why there were no cars in the front parking lot. They were all in the back. When I went into the building, everyone was having a good time. There were people serving hot cocoa and cookies, people playing pool, people playing foosball, and others were beginning to congregate in chairs that had been set. I took a seat.

(It seemed everyone was moving, so the pictures turned out funny.)The children’s minister

A few minutes after I took a seat, a lady got up and called everyone to order and told them to sit down. I learned later that she was the children’s minister. She said she had just arrived because she had been finding a place for a homeless girl to sleep for the night and trying to make sure she could get the girl off the streets. She let everyone know they were assembled to worship God and to celebrate the birth of Jesus, but that we really didn’t know what part of the year Jesus was born, but that we were celebrating now because everyone celebrates this time of year.

Ardiel, the Mexican minister

When she sat down, a Mexican guy stood up and offered an opening prayer. I learned later that he is the Mexican minister for this church. After he offered a prayer, they began to sing Christmas carols. It was nice. The song leader didn’t stand up in front and make the singing all about him. He sat in a chair and seemed to only use the mircrophone if he felt it was necessary. He was truly serving and not there to be seen.

One of the guys reading the Christmas story from the Bible.
I figured out the guy standing her was the preacher. You can see the song leader sitting down in the front row, the guy with the black hair and gray shirt next to the red jacket on the chair. He never got up once to lead, but just sat there letting the focus be on the songs, not him.

Twice during the time we were singing Christmas carols, we took a break and a different guy each time stood up and read a scripture for us from different gospels about the birth of Jesus. At the end, a young man got up and wrapped it all up. I figured out that he was the preacher. And older man offered a closing prayer from his seat.

There was a room off to one side that looked like a very comfortable living room. I went to take a picture after it finished, and that is when the Mexican ladies stopped me. They were very friendly.

Afterward, everyone was busy talking happily. A group of Mexican ladies reached out to me and tried to make friends, and I appreciated it. A Mexican guy came up while we were talking, and they introduced me to him. After a bit, I headed for where they were serving the cocoa because I wanted a picture. It was close to the door, and the Mexican guy followed me saying, in Spanish, “I heard you speak Spanish.” He introduced himself again. His name was Ardiel. He was the Mexican minister. After talking a few minutes, an older man joined the conversation. He was an elder named Brent, and his wife was the children’s minister. After that, one of the Mexican ladies who originally talked to me joined us. Her name was Marina, and she got my phone number. They were thinking that I could join the Mexican ladies’ class and perhaps be their Bible teacher after they talked to me for a while. I want to.

It was a pleasant evening. The Christmas carols were nice, and the people, especially, the Mexicans were very friendly. The people went on with drinking cocoa, eating Christmas cookies, and enjoying being together, and I went home. It was a good evening.

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