Day by Day (Dia a Dia)

Buenos Dias. Como estas hoy? (How are you today?) Me gusta a empezar cada dia con Dios. (I love to begin every day with God.) Si somos Cristianos, queremos estar mas cerca la Dios cada dia. (If we are Christians, we want to be closer to God everyday.) Cuando fui una estudiante a la Universidad, fui muchos rallyes de jovenes donde ellos hablan acerca de Dios, estudiamos acerca de Dios, y cantamos acerca de Dios. (When I was a university student, I went to many youth rallies where they talked about God, we studied about God, and we sang about God.) Hubo un hombre alla que nos dijo que necesitamos leer la Biblia cada dia. (There was a man there that told us we had to read our Bibles everyday.) Y en dia de hoy, a la iglesia, siempre ellos hablan acerca de necesitamos leer la Biblia cada dia. (And now a days, at church, always someone there talks about it being necessary to read the Bible everyday. ) Pues, no creo asi. (I don’t think like that.) Si somos Cristianos, queremos estar con Dios cada dia, no necesitamos estar con Dios. (If we are Christians we want to be with God everyday, not we have to be with God everyday.) Para mi, Dios es un placer, no un deber porque quiero a Dios. (For me, God is a pleasure, not a duty because I love God.) Cuando voy a la iglesia, no tengo que irme, pero puedo ir, y ‘este pensamiento me hace feliz. (When I go to church, I don’t have to go, but I can go, and this thought makes me happy.) Quiero adorar a Dios. (I want to worship God.) Quiero estudiar Biblia. (I want to study the Bible.) Quiero orar a Dios. (I want to pray to God.) Quiero hacer que Dios dice. (I want to do what God says.) Ser un Cristiana es un placer para mi. (To be a Christian is a pleasure for me.)

Day by Day

Dia a Dia

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Day by day

Dia a dia

Oh dear Lord

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Oh, querida Senor

Three things I pray

Tres cosas te pido

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To see thee more clearly

Para verte mas claro

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To love thee more dearly

Para amarte mas

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To follow thee more nearly

Para seguirte mas cerca

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