This Question Was Sent to My In Box: How can you tell a North Korean from a South Korean?

Genetically, there is no difference between a North Korean and a South Korean. Many of them are even relatives. However, things have been changing since the two countries separated. There is a difference in clothing, in word choice when they speak, in ideology, and nutrition. These cause slight differences that unless you know a bit about Korea and the Korean language, it is hard to tell, but the slight difference is there.

South Korean young people wear blue jeans like young people from several other countries, but the North Koreans won’t be wearing more modern clothing.//Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

The South Koreans are into clothing! They like the latest styles. The young people wear blue jeans like young people from other countries. The young women actually wear more dresses than I have seen in other countries. The young S. Korean women are obsessed with being beautiful. These young women wear makeup, stylish clothing, and have well kept modern hairdos. They think it is just fine to have plastic surgery to make themselves more beautiful. Many of them have fancy manicures. In the summer, many of the young women like to put their hair in a pony tail and wear a baseball cap putting the pony tail out the back of the hat.

Young S. Korean men are getting taller, probably because they have better nutrition and more food than their predecessors. The S. Korean men will be taller than the N. Korean men because the N. Koreans don’t have the nutrition that the young S. Koreans have access to./// Photo by O-seop Sim on Pexels.com

The young men and women both of S. Korea are taller and better fed than the generation before them. My Korean son in law towers above his parents. He isn’t fat in the least, but some young Korean men are slightly husky because they like exercise, but are also very well fed. My Korean son in law is well fed, but doesn’t look like it because his growth was stunted as a child because his mother was worried about giving him things like bread because he had so many skin allergies. I can’t imagine how much bigger he would have become compared to his parents had she given him more food as a little boy.

Many young South Koreans get plastic surgery to try to be more beautiful. Beauty is very, very important in S. Korea. Seoul, S. Korea is the capital of plastic surgery in the world.//Photo by Vidal Balielo Jr. on Pexels.com

The young South Korean men don’t wear suits until they go to work, and after that, that is all they seem to wear. Lots of South Korean men wear suits all the time. As the South Korean women get older, many just primp more and more. They get the plastic surgery to stay young looking. They wear false eye lashes and lots of makeup. They get their hair dyed and styled at the hair shop. Even the S. Korean men get their hair dyed.

These Orientals are not S. Korean. I know because S. Koreans keep their hair black as they get older, the man would be wearing a suit, and the woman would be wearing a fancy dress with makeup, jewelry, false eye lashes, and perhaps even a fancy manicure.///Photo by Tristan Le on Pexels.com

There are always those older ladies or men who don’t take care of themselves very well in S. Korea like in any country, but even if they don’t, the S. Korean women will still get their hair dyed. No one lets their hair go gray.

S. Koreans are much more likely to speak English than N. Koreans.///Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

If you were to ever run into a North Korean, which I have. Their clothes will not be as nice and up to date. Their hair won’t be so perfectly coifed. When they speak, their vocabulary will be different because they haven’t added new Korean words the S. Koreans have made up with time or English words the S. Koreans have added. A S. Korean is more likely to speak English, and N. Koreans don’t. A N. Korean may look less well fed than a S. Korean.

From her style of dress, makeup, and bone structure, this girl could be Japanese. The Japanese girls can be much more feminine than the Korean girls in their dress. A Korean is more likely to have a small, round nose and big pudgy rosebud red lips. Koreans and Japanese both prize white skin, but the Koreans are darker than the Japanese, and the N. Koreans who work in the fields will be even darker than the S. Koreans because the S. Koreans have a more luxurious life style than the N. Koreans and have all kinds of ways to protect themselves from getting a tan. Photo by Tuấn Kiệt Jr. on Pexels.com

In North Korea, they choose pretty girls to be police women, and their suits must fit perfectly and be worn perfectly. The North Koreans will be shorter than the S. Koreans because they haven’t had the advantages of food that the S. Koreans have had. Kim Jong Un only looks chubby because he has led a more luxurious life than the others in N. Korea.

You can’t see this girl’s eyes, so you can’t tell if she is oriental or not, but her skin tone and lips are more like a Korean. Photo by HARSH KUSHWAHA on Pexels.com

Even if a N. Korean has escaped from N. Korea, they may still be distrustful. They were raised with distrust. Communism breeds distrust, jealousy, and fear. Even when they escape, it takes time to get over it. There were N. Koreans in Seoul that a S. Korean preacher spoke to, and they said they wouldn’t go to church as long as there were Americans there because they didn’t trust Americans. They were brain washed in N. Korea, and it takes them time to figure the world out. I had a N. Korean in one of my classes, and she was very quiet. She didn’t mix well with S. Korean students because she was especially timid. It will take her time to get over what she has been through, if ever.

This girl is S. Korean. Many S. Korean young people like to dye their hair strange colors, but this probably isn’t dyed, but a wig. You can see that she has not shied away from makeup at all and looks like she is wearing false eye lashes. Even the last name of the photographer looks like a Korean name, and because his first name is an English name, he is probably S. Korean because many S. Koreans use English names as “nick names.” and love having English “nick names.” This picture looks like it was taken at Disney World or something. Disney is a good way to describe the attitude of the S. Korean young people. When my son first wen there he said, “It is like they all went to cheerleading camp and never went home.” South Korean young people are happy and innocent..Photo by Ben Cheung on Pexels.com
Making a heart with your hands like this was begun in S. Korea. It is called “eigyo.” They are happy and innocent.//Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR on Pexels.com

They young S. Koreans are very much like a young American. They play video games. They go to the movies and watch super hero movies, musicals, Disney movies, etc. that all the American young people are watching. The difference between young S. Korean people and young Americans is that the S. Koreans are more innocent and in better health. There are no drugs in S. Korea. Marijuana has not been legalized like in America. You don’t find young people sleeping around or gays in the S. Korean society. At my daughter’s job in America, one of the workers is actually transsexual and lives without the benefit of marriage with a man and a woman, a three way relationship. Those kinds of things just don’t happen in S. Korea. The S. Koreans are much more innocent than the Americans. The young S. Koreans don’t drive because they don’t have to, and the walking makes them healthier. They go by bus and subway, but all young Americans drive. You have to drive in America. However, the S. Koreans have freedom like the Americans have. The North Koreans don’t have freedom or food and are growing socially different from the S. Koreans, and it makes them slightly different from the S. Koreans even if they are genetically the same.

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