Lord Reign in Me (Domnul Ma Domina)

Buna Seara. (Good evening). Sper ca toti au avut mult fructe si bomboane in pantofi lor. (I hope everyday had a lot of fruit and candy in their shoes.) Craciun vine. (Christmas is coming.) Craciun e un timp de pacea, fericirea, si iubirea ca Hristos e Domnul nostrul. (Christmas is a time of peace, happiness, and love because Christ is our Lord.) Vrem Hristos sa fie Stepunul nostrum. (We want Christ to be our Master.) Vrem sa facem ce el spune. (We want to do what he says.) Daca facem ce el spune, viatele nostril sunt mult mai bine si putem sa mergem in Rai cand morim. (If we do what he says, our lives are much better and we can go to Heaven when we die.) Vrem el sa fie Domnul nostru, sa conduce vietele nostri. (We want him to be our Lord, to control our lives.)

Lord Rein in Me

Domnul ma Domina

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Over all the earth, you rein on high,

De asupra de tot pamant, tu domina de sus,

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Every mountain stream, every sunset sky,

Fiecare rau de muntele, fiecare apus de soare in cer,

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But my one request, Lord, my only aim

Dar am doar un cere, Domnul, singura tinta mea

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Is that you rein in me again.

E ca tu domina in mine din noua.


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Lord, rein in me, rein in your power,

Domnul, ma domina, domina in puteria ta,

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Over all my dreams, in my darkest hour.

De asupra de tot visele mele, in hora cel mai intuneric mea

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You are the Lord over all I am.

Esti Domnul de asupra de tot ce sunt.

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So won’t you rein in me again.

Asa te rog sa ma domina iarasi.

Verse 2:

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Over every thought, over every word,

De asupra fiecare gand, de asupra fiecare cuvant,

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May my life reflect the beauty of my Lord,

Las viata mea sa fie o poza de frumusete deDomnul meu,

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Because you mean more to me than any earthly thing

Pentruca tu esti mai mult pentru mine dacat ori ce pe pamantul.

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So won’t you rein in me again.

Asa, te rog sa ma domina iarasi.

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