When Jesus Comes (Cand Iesu Vine)

Buna! (hi!) Ce mai faci? (How are you doing?) Suntem bine aici. (We are fine here.) Astazi, fiica mea nu trebuie sa mearga la serviciu ei, si noi radam impreauna mucho. (Today, my daughter doesn’t have to do go work, and we laugh together a lot.) Suntem foarte fericita sa fiem impreauna. (We are very happy to be together.) Intr-o zi Iesu va veni si crestini va intalni cu el si vom fi foarte fericit sa fim toti cu el. (One day, Jesus will come and Christians will meet with him and we will be very happy to be with him.)

When Jesus Comes

Cand Iesu Vine

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When Jesus comes to reward his servants,

Cand Iesu vine sa rescupara servitore lui,

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Whether it be noon or night,

Chair daca fie pranz sau noapte,

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Faithful to him, will he find us watching

Credincios la el, el ne gasi privind

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With our lamps all trimmed and bright?

Cu luminele nostril tot pregatit si stralucitor?


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Oh, can we say we are ready, brother,

Oh, putem sa spunem ca suntem gata, frate,

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Ready for the soul’s bright home?

Gata pentru casa straluceste sufletul lui?

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Say, will he find you and me still watching,

Ascultati! El va gaseste pe tine si mine inca privand,

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Waiting when the Lord shall come?

Privand cand Domnul va veni?

Verse 2:

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If, at the dawn of early morning,

Daca, la zori de dimineata devremea,

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He shall call us one by one,

El ne va cheama unul cate unul,

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When to the Lord we restore our talents,

Cand la Domnul noi restoram talentele nostri,

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Will he answer thee…,”Well done!”

El te va raspunde.., “Ai facut bine!”

Verse 3:

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Have we been true to the trust he left us?

Noi am fost adevarat la incredele pe care el ne a facut?

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Do we seek to do our best?

Incercam sa facem tot cat de bine ca poate?

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If in our hearts there is naught condemns us,

Daca inauntru de inimele nostri nu exista nimic pe care condemna pe noi

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We shall have a glorious rest.

Vom avea odihna minunat.

Verse 4:

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Blessed are those who the Lord finds watching,

Binecuvant sunt cel pe care Domnul gasi privand,

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In his glory they shall share;

In glorie lui ei van imparta

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If he shall come at the dawn or midnight,

Daca el va veni la zori de zi sau la miez de noaptea

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Will he find us watching there?

El ne va gasi pe noi privand acolo?

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