We Were Invited to Brick Town This Evening

My daughter’s boss has been telling us forever that all his employees were going to go to Brick Town together, and he wanted us to come. I mentioned Brick Town to one of my friends, and they said, “Oh, yes! You need to go because you need to see Brick Town!” I guess they call it Brick Town because it is a place in Oklahoma City where all the buildings are made of red brick. My daughter’s boss let her off work early today because he wanted her to go with the rest of his employees, and I met her at her job, and I went too. We went to a place called “The Parlour.” We really had no idea where we were going at all except that there were restaurants there.

We got there early, and my daughter got a phone call from her boss telling her he had actually planned on us riding with him, but I thought it was better that we drove our own car and so did she because we were in unfamiliar territory, and if things went bad, we could just get in the car and go home.

The back of the restaurant

We were the first ones there. I parked my car in the parking lot in the back of the building, and we went in. We walked into a room with groups of couches around low tables and music blasting so loud you couldn’t hear yourself think. There was a partition with a bar on the other side, but if you went down the hallway, there were the restaurants we were told we would find.

We checked the restaurants out. Of course, a pizza restaurant was on the right. On the left, there was a Korean restaurant, a Japanese restaurant, and a hamburger restaurant with the mascot of a pig. We didn’t order, but we sat at one of the tables in the dining area to wait for the others. My daughter had cards with her, so we sat there and played cards, and after a bit, her boss showed up and invited us to go to the other room with his other employees.

His other employees were a huge group of Mexicans who were all sitting around speaking in Spanish, mostly women, and one man, and two white women. The other employees that my daughter and I both knew weren’t there. They were taking drink orders. My daughter and I told them we would drink Diet Coke, but most of the others were ordering alcoholic drinks from the bar. The waitress brought a big plate full of margaritas. They all wanted to know if I had drunk a margarita, but I had never even seen a margarita before, and I wasn’t going to begin drinking now. I don’t drink alcohol and neither does my daughter. Her boss kept joking and saying he was going to get drunk, and then he let us know that he drank, but that he didn’t get drunk. I tried to reach out to some of the other people around the table to talk to them, but the music was just too loud! My daughter’s other boss came in, and he, like us, didn’t drink alcohol either, and one of the Mexican ladies had a Coke.

the crab sushi that was tempera battered and deep fat fried that I was eating

My daughter’s boss encouraged us all to check the restaurants out and get something to eat. All the Mexican ladies disappeared, and I didn’t know where they were eating. I ordered something from the Japanese restaurant. I really question how Japanese it really was because it was so rich. I haven’t eaten anything that rich in Japan. It was a sushi roll with cream cheese and crab in the middle, dipped in a tempura batter, and deep fat fried. It tasted good, but it was so rich I couldn’t finish it. My daughter and her boss both tried some of it because they found it interesting.

This is one piece of my daughter’s four pieces of pizza that really had too much added to it.

My daughter ordered pizza, and just as the Japanese food seemed overly souped up, the pizza did too. My daughter’s boss got what he called “a Buddha bowl.” It was full of different kinds of Japanese food all in one bowl. Come to find out, it didn’t come from the Japanese restaurant, but a Mexican restaurant I didn’t know was there.

My daughter’s boss’ Buddha bowl had shrimp, roasted bell peppers, sushi, and who knows what else in it.

The Mexican ladies were gone, and the white ladies sat with us, but weren’t interested in talking. My daughter’s bosses were wandering around somewhere. My daughter and I began playing cards again. Her boss came back with his Buddha bowl and was eating it. He had a glass of white wine, and it seemed to be bothering him that he was drinking and we weren’t. I thought perhaps we should go because we weren’t too excited about any of it, and we were cramping her boss’ style by not drinking. I made a joke to him that were going to go so he could get drunk, and he came back defending drinking. I joked because he had joked about getting drunk, but he let us know in no uncertain terms he really didn’t get drunk. He told us the Mexican ladies were upstairs, and we needed to see upstairs before we left.

As we headed upstairs, there was a sign at the bottom of the stairs that had the names of all the restaurants in the building. We didn’t see this from the start because we had come in the back door from the parking lot, and this was by the front door.

We all went upstairs. I hadn’t even know there was a Mexican restaurant up there, but all the Mexicans had found it. I love Mexican food, and may have eaten Mexican food had I known. My daughter’s boss said he bought his Buddha Bowl from the Mexican restaurant, so they were selling more than Mexican food. The Mexican ladies were filling a couple of large tables in the Mexican restaurant. There was a bar on the other side of the patrician up there too. My daughter’s boss went over and joined the Mexican ladies, We were rather in the background and non descript, so we decide to go ahead and leave like we had wanted to earlier.

This really was not my kind of party nor my daughter’s. We didn’t know what we were getting into, so it is a good thing we brought our own car. However, we appreciate her boss trying to reach out to us and include us. We have been planning a party after we get into our new house, and we need to invite her boss to show him how to actually have fun at a party. We don’t serve alcohol. We serve soft drinks and tea as well as other very tasty snacks. Sometimes, I make guacamole or vinete (egg plant caviar). We may have cheese and crackers as well as nice fresh vegetables with a dip. I usually bake something. We play music, but don’t blast it, and we play lots of fun games. Everyone visits and laughs. We don’t need alcohol and loud music to have fun, and actually don’t think those things are fun at all. If Brick Town is about loud music and alcohol, then we really don’t want to hang out there.

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