This evening after church, some ladies invited us to go out to eat with them. We had never heard of the place they wanted to go. In fact, I thought I was misunderstanding the name of the place when they said it and kept asking them to repeat the name. After a bit, I thought I was hearing, “Zack’s Bees,” but no, when we got there, on the sign it read “Zaxby’s.” It is a Chicken place.

Zaxby’s is on Douglas Boulevard in Midwest City.
The front door
You order at the counter.

It is one of those fast food chicken places where you order at the counter, and there is a dining room with booths. We ordered their smallest chicken finger meals that included Texas toast, four fried chicken fingers, and french fries. However, there was a problem. They said they were out of french fries. Some of us substituted homemade potato chips, and other substituted onion rings. They also had something I have never tried that you could substitute for french fries called cheese curds. I have never eaten cheese curds, but from what I understand, they are bite sized pieces of cheese dipped in a batter and fried.

The drink machine looked like an old fashioned refrigerator.
The basic screen of the drink machine
They also had iced tea.

They had a drink machine with free refills, and we all loved their drink machine! First, it was interesting looking. Secondly, there were just all kinds of choices! You had to touch the touch screen of which kind of soda pop you wanted, and then that kind came up on the screen, and then you had more options with that kind. I pressed “Coca Cola Zero.” On my screen, it appeared that I could choose from Chery Coca Cola Zero, Vanilla Coca Cola Zero, Cherry-Vanilla Coca Cola Zero, and there were many other options and flavors I could have added. I couldn’t memorize them all. My daughter chose Root Beer, and there were also options she could choose with her Root Beer. As with many places in America, they had free refills on the drinks. At one point, one of my friends put her finger through her cup accidently because they were Styrofoam cups, and I took her cup back to the people behind the counter, and it didn’t bother them at all to give my friend a new cup.

A picture in the dinning room.
My meal had homemade potato chips.
My daughter got onion rings with her meal.

My chicken fingers were good. The Texas toast was good, and the homemade potato chips were good. It was their smallest adult meal, and there was so much food I couldn’t finish it all. My friend knew their meals were big, so she ordered a child’s meal. If I had known, I would have too. As it is, my daughter has extra fried chicken to take to work with her for lunch tomorrow. It was just fine that they didn’t have any french fries because I preferred homemade potato chips.

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