In His Time (In Timpul Lui)

Buna Ziua. Ce mai faci? (How are you?) Sper ca esti avand o simbata buna. (I hope you are having a good Saturday.) Acum, noi facem pregatirele sa mutam in casa noastra noua. (Right now, we are making preparations to move into our new house.) Ieri, noi am trebuit sa caut penru un ara gas noua ca ara gas pe care e in casa e vech si peliculous. (Yesterday, we had to look for a new gas stove because the gas stove that is in the house is old and dangerous). Se para ca fiecare zi trebuie sa facem ceva sa pregatim casa. (It seems like everyday we have to do something to prepare the house.) Noi spunem in continuare unul a altul ca trebuie sa merge pas in pas si dupa timp, tot va fi bine. (We always say to each other that we must go step by step and after trime, everything will be fine.) Intotdeauna, trebuie sa avem rubdare. (We always have to have patience.)Suntem legat de timp. (We are bound by time.) Dumnezeu nu e legat de timp, dar el face decisile lui despre cand tot va intampla pentru noi. (God isn’t bound by time, but he makes all his decisions about when everything will have for us.) Noi trebuie doar sa fim rubdatoare. (We just have to be patient.)

In His Time

In Timpul Lui

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In his time, in his time.

In timpul lui, in timpul lui.

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He makes all things beautiful in his time.

El face tot lucru frumoasa in timpul lui.

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Lord, please show me everyday

Domnul, te rog ma arati fiecare zi

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As you’re teaching me your way

Cand ma inveti tu calea

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That you do just what you say

Ca faci exact ce tu spui

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In your time.

In timpul tau.

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In your time, in your time,

In timpul tau, in timpul tau,

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You make all things beautiful

Faci tot frumos in timpul tau

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In your time.

In timpul tau.

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Lord, my life to you I bring

Domnul, ma duc pe viata mea la tine

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May each song I have to sing

Lasati fiecare cantec pe care am sa cant

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Be to you a lovely thing

Sa fie pentru tine ceva frumos

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In your time.

In timpul tau.

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