The Wonderful Grace of Jesus (Harul Minunat Iesu lui)

Buna Ziua. Ce mai faci? (How are you?) Acum vremea peste tot incepe sa fie frig. (Now, the weather everywhere is beginning to be cold.) Sper ca te tine pe tine insusi in caldura. (I hope you keep youself in the warmth.)Stiu ca iarna in Romania poate sa fie foarte frig cand iarna vine. (I know the weather in Romania can be very cold when winter comes.) Poate sa fie frig aici de asemenea, dar e diferite de in Romania. (It can be cold here too, but it is different from in Romania.) Cand am fost in Romania, cateodata noi am avut zapada in Octombrie, si a stat pana Iunia, dar aici, nu e asa. (When I was in Romania, sometimes we had snow in October, and it stayed until June, but here, it isn’t like that.) Aici, vantul e problema. (Here, the wind is a problem. Vantul e doar prea puternic. (The wind is just too strong.) Ieri, vantul era atat de frig si puternic era groznic afara. (Yesterday, the wind was so cold and powerful it was terrible outside.) Dar tot oameni au spus sa nu fiti frica ca maine vreamea va fi cald din noua. (But, all the people said not to be afraid because tomorrow the weather would be warm again.) Nu am mers afara inca, dar aud cel puternic sulfand de vantul afara. (I haven’t been outside yet, but I hear that powerful blowing of the wind outside.) Gheata vine aici, dar nicio data stiu daca vom vedea zapada. (Ice comes here, but we never know if we will see snow on the ground.) Poate ninja va veni, dar nu stiu daca va fi zapada. (Maybe snow will fall, but I don’t know if there will be snow on the ground.) Dar noroc este ca iarna e mult mai scurt aici decat in Romania. (But the luck is that winter is much shorter here than in Romania.) De obicei, iarna vine doar pentru aproape sase septamana, si e terminat dupa acea. (Usually, winter comes only for six weeks, and is finished after that.) Cand am fost in Romania, cateodata in vara am trebuit sa ma imbrac cu un pullover ca era cam de frig cateodata si ca am locuit aproate la munti, dar aici, vara e intotdeauna foarte cald, poate prea cald. (When I was in Romania, sometimes, in summer, I had to wear a sweater because it was kind of cold sometime because I lived close to the mountains, but here, summer is always very hot, maybe too hot.) Locuiesc pe pamant pe care America a dat la indieni ca ei nu au vrut pamantul acest din cauza de vreamea. (I live on land that America gave to the Indians because they din’t want this land because of the weather.) Oameni aici intotdeauna rad despre vremea. (People here are always laughing about the weather.)

Acum, te dau un cantec. (Now, I will give you a song.) Intru zi, noi nu trebuie sa avem grija despre vremea. (Some day, we won’t have to worry about the weather.) Dumnezeu are har deasupra noi. (God has grace on us.) Intru zi, putem sa locuim in Cer si nu vom avea nici un problem. (Some day, we can live in Heaven, and we won’t have any problems.)T

The Wonderful Grace of Jesus

Harul Minunat Iesu lui

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The wonderful grace of Jesus,

Harul minunat Iesu lui.

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Greater than all my sin,

Mai Mare decat tot pecatele mele,

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How shall my tongue describe it

Cum limba mea poate sa o descrie.

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Where shall its praise begin?

Unde lauda lui incepe?

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Taking away my burdens

Luand tot povarale mele

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Setting my spirit free.

Lasand duhul meu sa fie liber.

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For the wonderful grace of Jesus

Pentru ca harul minunat Iesu lui

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reaches me.

Ma ajunge


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Wonderful, the matchless grace of Jesus (the matchless grace of Jesus)

Minunat, harul pe care nu are un egual Iesu lui (harul pe care nu are un egual Jesus lui)

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Deeper than the mighty rolling sea (the rolling sea)

Mai adanc decat cel marea miscand (marea miscand)

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Wonderful grace all sufficient for me, for even me.

Harul minunat tot destul pentru mine, chair pentru mine,

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(Higher than the mountains, sparkling like a fountain, all sufficient grace for even me)

(Mai inalt decat munti, stralucand ca funtana, tot destul har pentru mine)

Broader than the scope of my transgressions (transgressions, sing it!)

Mai larg decat dimensiune de pacatele mele (pacatele mele, o cantata!)

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Greater far than all my sin and shame. (shame, my sin and shame)

Mult mai mare decat tot pacatele mele su rusine. (rusine, pacatele mele si rusine)

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Oh magnify the precious name of Jesus, praise his name!

Oh, mariti cel nume pretious Iesu lui, laudati numele lui.

Verse 2:

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The wonderful grace of Jesus reaching to all the lost

Harul minunat Iesu lui ajungand la toti pe care sunt pierdut

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By it, I have been pardoned, saved to the uttermost.

Prin o, am fost iertat, mantuait pana la sfarsit.

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Chains have been torn asunder giving me liberty.

Laturile erau rupt in doua ma daruind libertatea.

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For the wonderful grace of Jesus reaches me.

Pentruca harul minunat Iesu lui ma ajunge.

Verse 3:

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The wonderful grace of Jesus reaching the most defiled.

Harul minunat Iesu lui ajunge cel mai poluand

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By its transforming power making me God’s dear child

Prin puteria lui schimarea pe care ma face draga copil a lui Dumnezeu

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Purchasing peace and Heaven for all eternity

Cumparand pace si Cerul pentru tot eternitate

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And the wonderful grace of Jesus reaches me.

Si harul minunat Iesu lui ma ajunge.

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