My Daughter Bought Her First House Today

When we were in Korea, so many times, I was just amazed at the price of the apartments! Wherever I lived, my boss had to pay for my apartment because they are just so expensive that you have to have a lot of money in your pocket just to rent a very small apartment in Korea. When my daughter got married, she and her husband moved into the apartment with me and just saved money from their jobs until they could finally put a deposit down on a very tiny apartment. They were finally independent, but they were still renting. They were discouraged because their apartment was so small. They wanted to have kids, but there was no where to put them. I told them that they could get a decent sized house much cheaper in America, and they eventually decided they were going to move to America so they could have space to raise a family. My Korean son in law is still in Korea working on his green card so he can work in America, but my daughter and I came early to get things set up over here, in America. We have been living in an efficiency apartment and looking for a house. Today, my daughter paid just slightly more than the deposit on their little one bedroom apartment in Korea, and she paid cash for a nice second hand trailer.

If you buy a trailer, you get a title just like if you are buying a car, so we had to meet the lady at the tag agency.
Inside the tag agency working on getting all the paper work done
Getting things done at the tag agency

I have never been able to do what these guys have done, but I I have always been very good at managing the small amount of money I have had, so I made them a plan. They have a bit more money to work with than I ever did. I told them they should buy a second hand trailer first. After that, get a piece of land and put it on the land. If both the trailer and the land are paid for, they won’t have any rent at all. At that point, they will have a decent place to live and be able to begin saving for a nicer house. Once they build the nice house on their land, they can rent the trailer out and make money off it, and they really liked my plan, so they are executing it. My daughter looked into other options, but it seemed that my plan would be the best, so they are doing it.

My daughter on the front porch of her new home
They had turned the electricity off when we went there today, so I opened the windows to take pictures for you. This is one corner of the living room.
Here you can see the patrician between the living room and the kitchen.

We have been spending our extra hours looking for the right house, and we found it. We bought it from a Mexican family that had completely redone it and made it nice. Everything inside the house is new. The walls are all new, the cabinets are redone, all the faucets and everything in the bathrooms work, the laundry room is nice, etc. Everything in the trailer works. It is ready to move in it is so clean and in such good repair. All the carpets in the house are new. My daughter didn’t have to spend all their money, so they have money to continue looking for that piece of land.

My daughter is checking out the fridge.
The dishwasher and the stove
The handles on the cupboard doors in the kitchen are really cute.

It has three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and even a walk in closet in the master bedroom. They are going to be very comfortable in this little house. It even looks like the people they bought it from put a new roof on the trailer. It has a nice front step and a back step. It has a refrigerator, a dishwasher, and a stove that came with the trailer.

The main bathroom
A nice big bath tub in the master bathroom
The middle bedroom/ There was no electricity on, so you can’t see that the walls are completely clean.
The master bedroom has both a walk in closet and a full bathroom. Somehow, I forgot to take a picture of the front bedroom, but it is just as nice.

My daughter is so excited, and I am excited for her! I have never paid cash for a house, not even a trailer. I always had payments, but living with me when they first got married and saving money has really helped. Along with that, they were given some money as wedding gifts and have really been saving a lot of money, and they are setting themselves up to continue saving money. I really feel like congratulating her for using her head and being so good at saving! Now, when my Korean son in law gets here, there will be a car, a house, and a job waiting for him. My daughter is doing a great job preparing things for his coming!

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