A New Sad American Law

Since coming back from S. Korea to America this time, I am seeing something that just keeps making me sad. Before I came back, I was shocked because the daughter of a Christian friend of mine from North Carolina friended me on Facebook. Her daughter was on Facebook selling cannabis products which is another name for marijuana. I was shocked! Both of this girl’s parents were Christians, and she grew up in a Christian home, but there was money in being a pusher, so she was doing it. I couldn’t let her continue being my Facebook friend because what if she began trying to sell to my other Facebook friends who didn’t understand what she was selling? Since I have come to the States, there seems to be a sad epidemic.

Churches are trying to protect the kids on Halloween. Marijuana is one of the reasons the parents are afraid to let their kids Trick or Treat.//Photo by Toni Cuenca on Pexels.com

On Halloween, it made me sad because someone from the manager’s office of our apartment building told me that there were just too many people smoking marijuana, and she didn’t want her kids Trick or Treating, so she took them out to a small country church where they were having a type of Halloween party called Trunk or Treat for the kids. My neighbor across the way told me that when her daughter was growing up, she used to go to every door with her and sort through all her candy for fear of what people might give her along with her candy. She said parents today are afraid to let their kids go Trick or Treating at all for fear of what would be behind the door when they opened it.

They were in the parking lot smoking marijuana and giggling.//Photo by Maurício Eugênio on Pexels.com

One evening, I went to my car to get my daughter from work. Many people know that she is still working on driving and can’t quite do it yet. There were some young people in the parking lot, and I was sure they were smoking marijuana. I thought they were legalizing it for medicinal purposes, not recreational. I didn’t vote for them to legalize it, and all I can see is a mess because they did.

These drug places have drive through windows like McDonalds///.Photo by C. Cagnin on Pexels.com

When we first got here, I was shocked to see the marijuana stores along the street openly advertising and even offering drive through services like McDonald’s. You don’t even have to get out of your car, but there is a drive through window where you can buy the marijuana. That means they need to make it illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana like they have done with alcohol because both dull your senses so you don’t know what you are doing and can cause wrecks.

It all just makes me want to cry.////Photo by burak kostak on Pexels.com

Every week, on my way home from church Sunday morning, I see a man standing by the side of the road. He wears a t-shirt with a big green marijuana leaf on the front of his shirt. He wears sun glasses, long scraggly hair and a crazy hat. He is out by the side of the street trying to coax customers into coming into his marijuana shop. He is a legal pusher.

Electric cigarettes actually have more cancer causing agents than regular cigarettes.//Photo by Anush Gorak on Pexels.com

As far as I am concerned, America has gone mad legalizing marijuana. When I was young, they emphasized to us that we may think marijuana did nothing to us, but that it was a gateway drug to harder drugs. There were two teenage boys just this past week in Ohio who were using some of those electric cigarettes they are calling vapors or something like that, and someone laced them with heroine, and the boys both died. I had a cousin who I really didn’t know, but I heard he was running a meth lab. He died at 30 from a heart attack. Are drugs really not that harmful? There is Science now that says marijuana is more harmful than they originally thought. Employers don’t want to hire people who smoke marijuana. These legal pushers are going to get young people addicted who are curious like the group I saw in the parking lot, and what will happen to them? If bosses know, they won’t want to hire them. Their future will be gone. They will take marijuana for a while, and then want even more of a thrill and end up with meth or heroine. The government opened it up so that young Americans can destroy their lives and kill themselves legally.

Opium was a huge problem in old China. Read the books about old China. It was very sad. There are new rich in China now because they added the free enterprise system to their Communism, but the poverty is still there. During the Olympics, they put on a show. One side of the building that you could see from the highway would be beautiful and look new, and the other side would be crumbling and unpainted, but they hid it because that is what Communism does.///Photo by zhang kaiyv on Pexels.com

America is not the only country who ever had this kind of problem. One of the major things that led China into such poverty they felt compelled to become Communist was because of opium. Opium was killing them. People would take opium, get addicted, and become completely useless. They could no longer function, and all they thought about was opium. Read the stories and watch the movies about old China, and the opium users destroyed themselves. America needs to get the drugs off the streets because there are Americans slowly destroying themselves too, and people who do these things will no longer be able to function. Maybe America is rich now and can afford it, but drugs lead to poverty.

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