Lunch At the Pelican

Some ladies I have been friends with for years and years invited me to go out for lunch today. We went to a place called the Pelican. I had never even heard of the Pelican. One of the ladies said she had heard of it, but never been there, and the other said she went there about twenty years ago. It was basically a new experience for us all. It is a good, but expensive restaurant.

The sign on the restaurant/ It is located on the corner of Air Depot and Meadow in Midwest City.
The outside of the restaurant looks like a weather beaten barn or a place by the ocean.
The menu

We began, of course, by looking at the menu. Initially, the menu seemed really expensive. However, I found the lunch menu on the back, and it was cheaper. The advertisements for the restaurant emphasize the sea food they sell, but they also sell a lot of traditional Oklahoma foods. One lady ordered sea food. Another wanted a chicken fried steak, and I thought that sounded good. However, the waitress told us that the chicken fried steaks were so bed that it was enough for two meals, so we decided to get just one and split it, and that made it even cheaper.

A picture that was on the wall
salad bar

We were delighted to find out that all the meals came with a salad bar. It was a pretty standard salad bar. It had a huge romaine lettuce salad. After that, there were different kinds of vegetables and fruit to choose from as well as different kinds of salad dressings. Of course, they had things like bacon topping or sunflower seeds as toppings too. There was also soup at the salad bar if we wanted it, either vegetable or clam chowder.

We split a chicken friend steak between two people.
One lady had fish, rice, and vegetables.

We sat and ate our salads and visited, and then they brought our meals. The salads were really good, and the meal looked good too, so we began eating, and I forgot to take pictures at the beginning of the meal. Part of the way through the meal, I decided I should have taken pictures. It worked well for me to split a chicken fried steak with another person because otherwise the chicken friend steak would have been too big. Everything tasted great!

inside the dining room
My friends are ladies I know from when I was in school here.

There were lots of patriotic signs inside my friend was pointing out to me. She said she thought a lot of the people from Tinker Air Force Base ate there. It looked like a weather beaten barn or a building that was by the sea from the outside. It was good and worth going there. I just suggest you go at lunch if you don’t want to be hit with an expensive bill.

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