Halloween at Our House This Year

In times past, we have been overseas and I have been a professor on Halloween. My kids and my students have wanted to celebrate Halloween, so at times, I have had Halloween parties with my students, but I always had them with my kids. I was looking forward to being home and having kids knocking on my door and saying, “Trick or Treat” this year because we are back in America, but it just isn’t going to happen because America has changed so much. I no longer have students where I am, so I can’t give a student party. All my kids are grown, and my youngest daughter and I live together. She has been celebrating Halloween and bringing it just a bit to our house. There aren’t even Halloween decorations in our neighborhood, but there has been a bit of Halloween at our house.

Since I used to make pumpkin cookies every Halloween, last week, my daughter bought a pumpkin and made pumpkin cookies. It has become a Halloween tradition for us. She has been giving them out to the people she works with. When I was in Korea, I gave cookies to my students and at church, but here, I have no students and the church is just too big to give everyone a cookie. I took a picture of the cookies for you to see, and they smell great and taste great! However, something seems to be wrong with my phone, and it won’t share the cookies to WordPress.com.

This morning, my daughter got up and began carving the Jack-O-Lantern. She is really zealous about making sure we celebrate Halloween, even if it is just a bit.

She began by cutting a lid on the top of the pumpkin.
Pumpkins are full of seeds, so she cleaned them out.
The pumpkin is cleaned out. Next, she cut a face in the pumpkin.
Now, we have a Jack-O-Lantern.

After she carved the pumpkin into a Jack-O-Lantern, she put her Halloween costume to wear to work. She tried not to make it too scary because she has a professional job and needs to look professional, so she chose to be a ninja thinking that it wouldn’t be too far off base if no one else at her workplace wore a costume.

The picture is a bit blurry because she was moving fast doing taekwondo.
The Ninja
A Ninja move
taekwondo/ Her foot and leg blurred because they were going fast. All my kids do martial arts. She has told me that she isn’t scared at all to walk alone after dark because if anyone bothers her, she knows they are in trouble. Her older sister does karate, and she is in the NCIS. Her older sister used to use her karate to protect her little brother when they played, and any bully that messed with her little brother was taught respect, and the bullies knew better than to mess with her or her little brother. After that, her little brother grew up to do both karate and gumdo, a Japanese and a Korean martial art. He enjoyed them so much he thought about making a career out of being a martial arts instructor, but he ended up as a Math teacher. They learn these martial arts so they don’t have to fight, and it is good physical exercise for them. My oldest son quit when he got to be a brown belt in karate. He could have been a black belt, but he said he was only doing it to stay in good physical shape, and they make black belts fight. None of my kids want to fight.

She took taekwondo (a Korean martial art) when we were in Korea, so she began doing ninja She has been going by a taekwondo studio since she came to Oklahoma and thinking about joining them here, but hasn’t gone through with it yet. She keeps saying without a doubt her kids are going to also do taekwondo.

I got a picture of the ninja without her mask. She looks like my mother when she was young in this picture.

Since we have lived so much in Japan and Korea where she didn’t need a driver’s license, I have been giving her driving lessons to live in the States. One thing that does scare her is cars. She will only drive in the country where there are no cars, so I have to drive her to work. I drove her to work as normal, and I was greeted by the big bad wolf in the parking lot, her boss. I asked if I could take his picture, and he agreed and invited me in to take not only his picture, but also the picture of my daughter’s co-worker who was dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. My daughter was relieved to know she wasn’t the only one dressed up.

My daughter’s boss and co-worker.

When I came home, I finished a blog, did some embroidery, and have been watching Hiway to Heaven on Net Flix. We bought candy just in case we got a Trick or Treater, but no one has knocked on the door. I am scared that America is losing Trick or Treating. However, there are still people dressing up and having fun.

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