A New Holiday Tradition: Trunk or Treat

When I was growing up, all kids in America went Trick or Treating. We dressed up in Halloween costumes, got a bag, and went from door to door in our neighborhood knocking on the door and saying, “Trick or Treat” when the opened the door. They gave us candy, and we went on to the next house. When we lived in Washington State, there was a certain house we were instructed never to go Trick or Treating there because the person there had given someone an apple with razor blades in it once. There were older teenage boys who thought it was funny to run around and steal candy from the younger kids. There were dangers, but when I was very small, I wasn’t in America, and by the time I was in Washington, I was perhaps 13 years old, and a group of us went together to Trick or Treat, and we felt secure. However, the American society has slowly gotten worse and worse, and parents have come up with new ideas to let their kids enjoy themselves and not be preyed on by an increasingly Godless society.

Trick or Treating is leaving America and Trunk or Treating is replacing it.//Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

You must understand that I have been out of the U. S. most of my adult life. Since, Halloween was coming, I went to the apartment manager’s office and asked if anyone comes to our apartments to Trick or Treat. She told me probably not. She told me there were too many people smoking marijuana in our neighborhood, and parents are scared to send their kids out now a days. She said she took her kids to a church in a small town where they were having Trunk or Treat so they could enjoy Halloween.

I had heard about Trunk or Treat at two different church buildings, but I wasn’t sure exactly what it was.//Photo by Dan Whitfield on Pexels.com

I had heard of Trunk or Treat since I have been here, but I had never seen Trunk or Treat. The church at Choctaw where I went to high school was advertising that they were going to do Trunk or Treat when I was there. The church here in Midwest City was also advertising they were going to do Trunk or Treat. However, I have been a big culturally displaced, and I wasn’t quite sure what Trunk or Treat was, so I didn’t go because they were all saying it was for the kids. I don’t have any little kids any more, and my only grand kids live in Japan, but they would be too small for Trick or Treating or Trunk or Treat anyway.

Instead of just dressing up as notorious people from the past, now a days, many Americans have become notorious people to be scared of, and parents must protect their children.//Photo by Ashutosh Sonwani on Pexels.com

I decided to look Trunk or Treat up and try to understand it better. The reporters talking about it basically said it grew out of the every increasing Godlessness of the American society. The parents are scared to let their kids go Trick or Treating anymore. When I was a little girl in England, we weren’t home on Halloween, and I had no idea what Halloween was back then. When we got home that evening, someone had taken a bar of soap and completely rubbed it all over our windows so you couldn’t see through them anymore. That is the kind of thing they did if they tricked, and it was rather extreme, but not as bad as the razor blades in the apples or the older boys beating up the little kids and taking their candy away.The trick has been taken out of Trick or Treating, but only crazy people used to do it. Now, they have had to chang it because there are too many crazy people out there.

Halloween is meant to be a fun party, not a time to hurt people.///Photo by Kathleen Sullivan on Pexels.com

Halloween can be a lot of fun! As my kids were growing up overseas, I always made sure they had costumes and candy. I gave a Halloween party for them where they could invite their friends to a costume party. I made pumpkin cookies. I set it up so they could bob for apples which is a tub of water with apples in it, and they have to grab an apple with their mouth without touching it out of the water. I made Halloween parties for my students too. However, now that I am back in America and all my kids are grown, and I don’t have a class, there is also no one who will come Trick or Treating to my house. If I had known what Trunk or Treat was, I might have gone over there, but they do it on a different day than Halloween, and everyone does it on a different day. There is no set day for it.

Now a days, people decorate the trunk of their cars, not their houses.//Photo by Michael Morse on Pexels.com

I looked at the pictures online and watched some videos of Trunk or Treat. People come in costumes with their cars decorated for Halloween. The trunks of their cars are full of candy. I even saw one where they were grilling hot dogs and hamburgers. The children are all dressed in costumes, and they go from car to car getting candy.

Too many people want to take the innocence of the children away or hurt them, and churches are right to protect them.//Photo by Valeria Boltneva on Pexels.com

Halloween has really changed since I was a little girl. It makes sense because the American society has really changed since I was a little girl. The churches are taking up the slack for the kids with Trunk or Treat which is great, but I actually think that the rest of America should be ashamed because people can’t trust them anymore. They legalized marijuana, and it isn’t good for the kids. There were already lots of other terrible things going on too. It began with the philosophy that came from the hippies “If it feels good, do it!” Americans have become so self indulgent that they not only don’t think about the guy next to them, but often hurt the guy next to them even if they are children. Thanks to the churches for looking out for the children.

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