영광 나라 촌사들아 (The Glorious Kingdom of Angels)

안녕하세요. Hello. 오늘은또 내소망 이 모든 읽는 사람이 행복 하고 건강 해요.Again, I hope that everyone reading this is happy and healthy. 지금은 작은 휴가에서 돌아았어요. I have retuned from my mini vacation. 재미있어요. It was fun. 오늘은 내딸이 직업에 있어요. Today, my daughter is at work. 그리고, 나는 성경의 수업에 갔어요. And, I went to a Bible study. 호주의 선교사는 이 성경의 수업을 가르첬어요. An Australian missionary taught the Bible study. 다른 말을 안 공부해야했어서그는 운촣은 선교사 이예요. He is a lucky missionary because he didn’t have to study another language. 항상 나을위하여 또많은 말을 공부 해야했어요. For me, I always had another language I needed to study.

오늘은 예수의 출산에대하여 노리 있요.

Today, I have a song about the birth of Jesus.

엉광 나라 촌사들아

The Glorious Kingdom of Angels

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영광 나리 촌사들아 땅 끝 까지 날면서

The glorious kingdom of angels to the ends of the earth at the same time

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하나님을 찬야하고 구주나심 전 하라

Praise God and the Lord Jesus his majesty.



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경배 하세 경베 하세

Worship! Worship!

나신왕 께 절 하세

To the majestic king in his temple

(싯괴 2)

(Verse 2)

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들에있던 목 자들이 밤에 양메 지길때

When the shepherds who were in their fields taking care of their sheep

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천사들이 나타나 서 주의 나심 전샜네

The angels appearing at the Lord’s birth is done

(싯괴 3)

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(Verse 3)

박사들 도 기 뻐히며 밝은 별을 따라가

The wise men also are joyful and the bright star follows

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구주예수 나신것을 널리증거 하였네

The Lord Jesus birth place was in the middle of it all.

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