Korean Semi-Permanent Flower Petal Nail Color Used By Both Men and Women

In Korea, there is a kind of nail color that can be used like nail polish, but it lasts about three months or more, however long it takes for your nails to grow out. It only comes in one color, orange, and both men and women use it because it wasn’t originally made to use as nail polish, but that is why some use it now. In the past, they used to put it on every spring to guard against fungus on the nails. It was a kind of preventative medicine. That is why men and women both use it. It is made from ground up flower petals, and now a days, the girls use it like nail polish, but some of the men still also use it. My daughter used some yesterday and took pictures for you so you could see it.

This is what the package looks like.

You can buy small packages in what the Koreans call “Fancy shops,” very small shops with a variety of merchandise, and these packages are very cheap. You also need to make sure you have a pain brush to apply it to your finger nails.

Step one, after you open the package is to pour the powder into a small cup.
Step two: Add just a dab of water.
Mix the water and the powdered flower petals.
Just keep adding water and mixing until it looks like this.
Apply it to the nails with a paint brush.

My daughter decided to do both her fingernails and her toe nails. You apply it to your nails and then just let it sit. It is not like regular polish that you paint it and let it dry. What you are doing is actually dying your fingernails or toe nails, and after they are dyed, you can remove the flower petals. Leave it sitting on your nails for about 15-20 minutes.

Here she has it sitting on her fingernails.

When you think it has been on there long enough, it is time to wash your hands or feet, and the flower petals come off, but what you have left on your nails is orange color.

My daughter decided to put clear nail polish over her orange color to make it look better.

The Korean girls now a days put clear fingernail polish over the orange color, but the men just use the orange color. Those men don’t consider it effeminate at all because the Korean men have been using this stuff for ever just like the women do as a kind of medicine for their nails.

Here is a picture of her hand when she was all done.

A lot of girls like to use this because they can have painted nails for months without working at it. They do it once, and it is finished. It is much better for your nails than regular nail polish. I actually borrowed regular nail polish from my daughter once that had glitter in it to wear to a special function at the university. I never used that stuff again. Nail polish is bad enough about chipping, but with glitter in it, is was actually breaking my nails too. This kind of nail polish is not actually polish, just coloring, so your nails can look well manicured for months on end without worrying about taking time to do it often, and it doesn’t hurt your nails. Some people are into gel nail polish now a days too, and it is better for your nails than regular nail polish and lasts longer than regular nail polish, but it is expensive and you have to have a special drying machine to dry your nails if you use it. With these flower petals, they are cheap. It is easy to use. The flower petals are good for your nails, and it lasts a long time.

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