Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone? (Iesu Trebuie sa Suporta Crucea Singur?)

Buna Seara. Ce faci in este seara? (How are you this evening?) Astazi e Duminica, si am mers la biserica de doua ori azi. (Today is Sunday, and I went to church twice today.) De seara, predicatorul a vorbit despre puteria lui Dumnezeu. (In the evening, the preacher talked about the power of God.) El a vorbit despre creatia, despre cel zece pacostele in egiptea, despre Muntele de Caramel, si despre cand Iesu a ridicat Lazur din moarte. (He talked about the creation, about the ten plagues in Egypt, about Mt. Caramel. and about when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.) Cand Iesu a murit pe crucea, el nu a trebuit sa moara. (When Jesus died on the cross, he didn’t have to die.) El a ales sa moara pentru noi. (He chose to die for us.) El a vrut noi sa intelegem cum sa servim Dumnezeu si cat de mult Dumnezeu ne iubeste. (He wanted us to know how to serve God and how much God loves us.) El a murit pentrut ca era planul Dumnezeului. (He died because it was God’s plan.) Si el a inviat trei zile mai tarziu pentruca el a facut ce Dumnezeu a cerut. (And he rose three days later because he did what God asked.)Acum Iesu stai pe linga Dumnezeu in Cer pentruca el a facut ce Dumnezeu a cerut. (Now, Jesus stays next to God in Heaven because he did what God asked.) Si noi trebuie sa facem ce Dumnezeu spune daca vrem sa locuim cu Dumnezeu si Iesu in Cerul. (And we must do what God says if we want to live with God and Jesus in Heaven.)

Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone?

Iesu trebuie sa Suporta Crucea Singur?

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Must Jesus bear the cross alone

Iesu trebuie sa suporta crucea singur

And all the world go free?

Si toatea lumea merg liber?

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No, there’s a cross for everyone,

Nu, exista o crucea pentru fiecare,

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And there’s a cross for me.

Si exista o crucea pentru mine.

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The consecrated cross I’ll bear til

Ma voi suporta pe cel crucea consecrat

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Death shall set me free,

Moarte va face pe mine liber

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And then I’ll go home, my crown to wear

si atunci voi merg acasa, corona mea sa purta

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For there’s a crown for me.

Pentruca exista o corona pentru mine.

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