Walking Alone at Eve (Umbland Singura la Seara)

Buna Ziua. Ce mai faci? (How are you?) Sper ca esti bine astazi. (I hope you are fine today.) Iti place cerul de seara? (Do you like the sky in the evening?) Ieri, cand am mers dupa fiica mea dupa serviciu ei terminat, era foarte intarziuat, si am uitat la cerul, si era atat de frumoasa! (Yesterday, when I went after my daughter after she finished her work, it was very late, and I looked at the sky, and it was beautiful!) Luna era un pic in spate de nori, si nori erau benzi pufos en cerul. (The moon was a little behind the clouds, and the clouds were fluffy lines in the sky.) Des, de seara, cerul poate sa fie foarte frumosa. (Often, in the evening, the sky can be very beautiful.) Aici in Oklahoma, ei au unii de cele mai frumoasa apuse de soare pe pamant. (Here in Oklahoma, they have some of the most beautiful sun sets in the world.) Cand am calatorit mult pe pamant, niciodata m-am iutat cat de frumoasa cel apuse de soare sunt in Oklahoma. (As I have traveled the world, I never forgot how beautiful the sunsets are in Oklahoma.) Vremea erau atat de rau in Oklahoma ca cele omuli alba a dat pamantul de Oklahoma la Indieni porque ei nu au vrut Oklahoma. (The weather was so bad in Oklahoma that the white men gave the land of Oklahoma to the Indians because they didn’t want Oklahoma.) Totusi, sunt lucrulile minunata despre Oklahoma pe care nu poate sa fie gasit in cele alte parte pe pamant. (However, there are wonderful things about Oklahoma that can’t be found in other parts of the world.) In fiecare parte pe pamant exista opuse de soare, dar cel opuse de soare din Oklahoma sunt deosebit. (In every part of the world there are sunsets, but the sunsets in Oklahoma are special.) Dumnezeu a bincuvantat fiecare parte pe pamant cu lucrurile deosebit. (God blessed every part of the world with special things.)

Walking Alone at Eve

Umbland Singura la Seara

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Walking alone at eve and viewing the skies afar,

Umbland singura la seara si privind cerul departe,

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Bidding the darkness come to welcome each silver star,

Cerand intuneric sa vine sa binecuvanta fiecare stea de argint,

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I have a great delight in the wonderful things above,

Am o mare incantare in lucrurile minunata de asupra,

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God in his power and love is showing his truth and love.

Dumnezeu in puteria si iubirea lui aratand adevarul si iubirea lui.


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Oh for a home with God, a place in his courts to to rest,

Au, sa fie acasa cu Dumnezeu, un loc in corte lui sa odihni,

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Sure in a safe abode with Jesus and the blest.

Simpt sigur intru o casa cu Iesu si cel binecuvantat.

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Rest for a weary soul once redeemed by the savior’s love

Ohdihna pentru sufletul oboist, rescumparat de iubirea mantuitor

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Where I’ll be pure and whole and live with my God above.

Unde voi fiu pura si intreg si locuiesc cu Dumnezeu meu de sus.

Verse 2:

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Sitting alone at eve and dreaming the hours away,

Asezand singura la seara si visand orele departe,

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Watching the shadows falling now at the close of day,

Privand umbrele cadand acum cand zi e sfarsit,

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God in his mercy comes, with his word he is drawing near,

Dumnezeu in mila lui vine, cu cuvantul lui el vine aproape,

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Spreading his love and truth around me and everywhere.

Intand iubirea si adevarul lui in jural meu si peste tot.

Verse 3:

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Closing my eyes at eve and thinking of Heaven’s grace,

Inchinand ochi mei la seara si gandand de har Cerul lui,

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Longing to see my Lord, yes, meeting him face to face,

Vreand sa vada Domunul meu, si, il intalnand fata in fata,

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Trusting him as my all where-so-ever my footsteps roam,

Il Incredand, nu conteaza unde picioarele mele merg,

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Pleading with him to guide me on to the spirits’ home.

Cerand cu el sa ma ghida spre casa sufletul lui.

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