Morning Has Broken (Dimineata a Inceput)

Buna Ziua. Cie faci azi? (How are you today?) Nu am trebuit sa ma scol devremea azi ca fiica mea era chemat de seful ei ieri, si unul dintre anganjati lui nu a venit la serviciu, si el a cerut fica mea sa vine. (I didn’t have to wake up early this morning because my daughter was called by her boss yesterday, and one of his employees didn’t come to their job, and he asked my daughter to come.) Ea a mers si a lucrat pana era foarte intarziat. (She went, and she had to work until it was very late.) Am mers dupa ea cu masina cum fac de obicei, si am dormit intarsia. (I went after her with the car like usual, and I went to bed late.) Ea nu a trebuit sa mearga la serviciu devremea azi cum era planul pentruca ea a trebuit sa sta pana a deventi intarziat ieri, asa noi am dormit intarziat azi de dimineata. (she didn’t have to go to work eary today how it was planned because she had to stay until it became late yesterday, so we slept late this morning.) De multe ori, noi trebuie sa ne sculam devreme ca ea trebuie sa fie acolo la sapte de dimineata cand ea merge devremea. (Many times, we have to get up early because she has to be there at seven in the morning when she goes early.) Cred ca seful ei e maniat cu persona ce nu a venit la serviciu ei ieri. (I think her boss is angry with the person who didn’t come to work yesterday.) Am auzit ca mult oameni de acolo au o problema sa nu fac ce ei trebuie, asa seful de fiica mea le place pe fiica mea mult ca ea intotdeauna vine, si vine in timpul bun. (I heard that a lot of the people from there have a problem and don’t do what they must do, so my daughter’s boss likes my daughter very much because she always comes and comes on time.) Seful ei le place sa angaja crestini ca ei fac ei trebuie la servicile lor. (Her boss likes to hire Christians because they do what they must at their jobs.) El acum gandeste ca poate el trebuie sa vorbeste cu mine si vada daca si eu vreu sa am serviciu acolo. (He now thinks that maybe he needs to talk to me and see if I want to work there.) Sa vedem ce va intampla. (We will see what happens.)

Acum vreu sa te trimesc un cantec despre dimineata ca e foarte frumoasa. (Now, I want to send you a song about morning that is very pretty.)

Morning Has Broken

Dimineata a Inceput

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Morning has broken like the first morning,

Dimineata a inceput cum cel dimineats intai,

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Black bird has spoken like the first dawn.

Pasare negru a vorbit cum a facut el primul zori de zi.

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Praise for the singing, praise for the morning

Laudam ca canta, laudam pentru dimineata

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Praise for them springing fresh to the world.

Laudam ca ei rasarand prospata la lumea.

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Sweet the rain’s new fall sunlit from Heaven.

Cel noua ploae si soare stralcesc dulce din Cer.

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Like the first dew fall on the first grass.

Cum cel intai roua ce cada pe ierba intai.

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Praise for the sweetness of the wet garden

Laudam pentruca gradina uda e dulce

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Sprung in completeness where his feet pass.

Tot a devenit complet unde su picioare merg.

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Mine is the sunlight, mine is the morning.

Lumina soarelui e al meu, dimineata e al meu.

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Born of the one light Eden saw play

Vine din cel lumina pe care Eden a vazut joaca

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Praise with elation, praise every morning

Laudam cu euforie, laudam fiecare dimineata

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God’s recreation of this new day.

Distractie Dumnezeu lui din este zi noua.

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