He Lives (El Traieste)

Buna Ziua. Sper ca astazi e o zi buna pentru voi. (I hope that today is a good day for you.) Am fost la biserca azi de dimneata. (I was at the church this morning.) Pe curand, eu voi merge din noua, dar nu merg la cladirea al bisercia. (Soon, I will go again, but I won’t go to the church building.) Voi merge la o casa. (I will go to a house.) Cateodata, Duminica de seara aici, bisericii au intalnirele mici in casele de oamnei pentru ca bisericii sunt atat de mare si ei vor tot oameni din biserica sa aiba o sansa sa vorbeasca unul cu celel alte si sa cunosc celealte in actualitate. (Sometimes, Sunday evenings here, the churches have small meetings in the homes of people because the churches are so big and they want all the people from the church to have a chance to talk to others and to actually know the others.) Astazi de seara, merg la casa de versor meu. (This evening, I go to the home of my cousin.) Astazi de dimineata la biserica, noi am cantat un cantec spiritual foarte frumos que nu am auzit de mult. (This morning at church, we sang a very pretty spiritual song that I haven’t heard for a long time.) Asi vreu sa te dau cantecul. (I would like to give you the song.)

He Lives

El Traieste

Verse 1:

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I serve a risen savior, he’s in the world today

Sunt de folos de un muntuitor inviat, e pe pamant astazi

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I know that he is living, whatever men may say

Stiu ca el traieste, no conteaza ce oameni poate spun

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I see his hand of mercy, I hear his voice of cheer

Vad man lui de mila, aud vocea lui de bucurie

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And just the time I need him he’s always there.

Si chiar cand am nevoie de el, e acolo intotdeauna.


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He lives (he lives), He lives (he lives), Christ Jesus lives today.

El traieste (el traieste), El traieste (el traieste) Hristos Iesu traieste azi.

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He walks with me and talks with me

El umbla cu mine si vorbeste cu mine

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Along life’s narrow way

cand merg pe drumul ingust de viata

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He lives (he lives, He lives (he lives) salvation to impart

El traieste (el traieste), El traieste (el traieste) mantuiere sa ne da

You ask me how I know he lives

Tu ma intrebe cum stiu ca el traieste

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He lives within my heart.

El traieste in intru de inima mea.

Verse 2:

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In all the world around me, I see his loving care

In tot lumea in jural meu, vad iubitor grija lui

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And though my heart grows weary, I never will despair

Si chair daca inima mea devine oboist, niciodata am disperare

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I know that he is leading through all the stormy blast

Stiu ca el ne conduca prin tot vantul funtunos

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The day of his appearing will come at last.

Ziua cand el se apare va veni in sfarsit.


Verse 3:

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Rejoice, rejoice, oh Christian, lift up your voice and sing

Se bucura, se bucura, oh Crestin, ridica tu vocea si cant

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Eternal halleluiahs to Jesus Christ the king

Cant alleluia in etern la Iesu Hristos rege

The hope of all who seek him the, the hope of all who find

Speranta de tot pe care caut pentru el, speranta de tot ce descoperire

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None other is so loving, so good and kind.

Nici cele alte e atat de iubitor, atat de bun si bland.

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