This Question Was Sent to My Inbox: “What Do You Think About Japanese Doing Commercial Whaling in 2019?”

As far as I am concerned, the person who wrote that question must be Australian, and could be from Greenpeace. Greenpeace is an Australian organization that is very concerned with the environment to the point of being radical and even breaking laws. I have seen them cause trouble with the Japanese because of the Japanese whaling. While I think their heart is in the right place, and perhaps whaling isn’t a good idea, I don’t agree with some of Greenpeace’s actions.

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I understand that Greenpeace wants to save the whales. It is a good goal, but handcuffing yourself to a ship and demanding they stop and getting guns and governments involved it downright crazy and radical. Those whales are in international waters, and we can’t police what is in international waters. Boarding another man’s boat without being invited, is just fool hearty and thoughtless. People from other countries have no right to dictate to the Japanese government what they can or can’t do.

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How would the Australians like it if the Japanese decided the Aborigines were being treated badly, and a Japanese organization stepped in and caused trouble? Treating the Aborigines right is more important than whether or not the Japanese go whaling. However, the Australians wouldn’t be happy at all if someone stepped in and decided they wanted to moderate how the Australians deal with the Aborigines. How would Australia like it if someone decided they treated their kangaroos bad and tried to physically interfere?

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We can’t go into Muslim countries and demand that they free all the women sitting in back rooms because it is a Muslim custom. We can’t go into Nigeria and tell them they are no longer allowed to have several wives. We can’t go into America and abolish their newest law of letting marijuana be sold out of shops and being legal. Those things may not be good, but other countries can’t come in and dictate what another country does.

Romanians eat pigs because they are cheap and taste good. They are easy to feed. Some pigs are only fed left overs and weeds. They have lots of babies at once. No one likes hearing them slaughtered, but Romanians have to eat.//Photo by John Lambeth on Pexels.com

When I lived in Romania, the week before Christmas, I woke up to pigs squealing every morning because they were killing their pigs to have meat for the year. I didn’t like hearing those pigs squealing. However, I understood they needed meat. I didn’t go to my neighbors yard and tell them to stop killing the pigs because it hurt my feelings, and I felt sorry for the pig. When my husband insisted on doing it too, I just didn’t go outside. I stayed away. I would never do it myself unless I was in dire need of meat and couldn’t get it any other way, and even with that, I don’t think I could kill an animal. However, I buy meat at the grocery store and cook it. God gave us animals to eat. There are a lot of hunters in America, but that doesn’t mean I could hunt. I have never even held a gun much less shot one, but I would never condemn hunters. They take that meat home and eat it.

Do you really think people should be eating man’s best friend? The idea is repugnant to most of us.///Photo by Ravindra on Pexels.com

When I lived in Korea, I used to go by a place where they were raising the dogs to be slaughtered and taken to fancy restaurants to be cooked and eaten. I hated the idea, and many Koreans also hate the idea. However, someone was making money off of it. People think, “How could you kill man’s best friend?” Koreans are as close to Australia as Japan is, but when they try to make trouble with the Japanese for whaling, they leave those dogs to be slaughtered in Korea.

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You just can’t go into another man’s house and tell him how to do things. You can’t interfere with ships in international waters. No matter how much it bothers you to see a whale killed, getting crazy and radical is not the way to change the situation. If you don’t like what they are doing so much you are willing to work to change it, work inside the system. There is a reason courts exist. If you want to do something about the whales, do it by negotiation and in a civilized manner. Don’t cause trouble. If you want to cause trouble, it is better just to stay home. I understand that Greenpeace has their hearts in the right place, but they don’t act responsibly.

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