Vino Mai Aproape (Come Closer)

Buna Ziua. Ce mai faci? (How are you doing?) Azi, am decis sa incerc ceva diferite. (Today, I decided to do something different.) De obicei, gasesc un cantec in limba engleza, si o traduc la limba romana. (Usually, I find a song in Enlgish, and I translate it to Romanian.) Asatzi, am gasit un cantec in limba romana, si voi o traduca in limba engleza (Today, I found a song in Romanian, and I am going to translate it into English.) Era greu sa gasesc titul. (It was hard to find the title.) Cel blog pe care am gasit era scrise despre mult, si cantecul era in mijloc de blogul, si era scrise un cantec doar pentro oameni roman. (The blog that I found was written about a lot of different things, and in the middle of the blog, there was also a song written for Romanians.) Titul nu era scrise peste cantecul, asa per ca am gasit titul potrivit. (The title wasn’t written over the song, so I hope I got the right title.)

Vino Mai Aproape

Come Closer

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Cantecul ducetei

Sweet song

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Lirile tuturor mintlile canta azi

Everyone’s lyrics mentally sing today

Pe acelasi ton

On this tone

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o mireasma cereasca radiaza de inimile noastra

A Heavenly fragrance radiate from our hearts

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te ai pogorat pe acest pamant

You have eaten on this earth

Ce frumusetea ta nemaivazuta

Your beauty isn’t seen any more

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Trezind acest sentiment vibrant in tot

waking up this feeling vibrating in everyone

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Nu imi rupe ghirlanda de flor

Don’t break my garland of flowers

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Este singura mea bogatie- e contine toate iubirea mea

It is my only riches-it contains all my love

Vino mai aproape de mine

Come closer to me

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Vino mai aproape, si mai aproape

Come closer to me, and closer

La tot ce am

to all that I have.

to all that I have.

(Pentru a asculte si a afla mai multe despre cantecele Prabit Samghita izati)

(To listen to and to find more about the songs of Prabit Samghita’s vision)

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