Trying to Catch a Scammer

Today, at the hotel where my daughter has begun working, there was a customer who claimed someone broke into his car and stole some things. If it is true, the hotel has insurance to take care of it. The people at the hotel explained to my daughter that they always have trouble with people trying to scam their hotel when they go on business trips. When my daughter saw they guy who was complaining, she thought to herself, “He looks Korean, and I know many Koreans like to scam the insurance companies.” She decided to speak to him in Korean, and she could tell from the look on his face that he understood. However, he claimed he was Chinese. I told her she should have asked to see his passport, but she said she didn’t because it was only her first day, and she felt like she had no authority to see his passport.

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Yes, there are a lot of people who scam the insurance companies in Korea. They like to take advantage of the system thinking they aren’t really stealing because they are taking money from a big insurance company rather than an individual. However, they never think about the fact that when someone is forced to charge something to their insurance, the insurance rates go up. If I were her, I would have asked to see his passport. She was convinced he understood.

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Koreans have something in their heads thinking they aren’t hurting anyone when they try to scam insurance companies, but I beg to differ. At one point, someone hit me when I was driving my car. I couldn’t get out of the car because his car was right up into my door, and I couldn’t open it. When the insurance company got there, they said, “Don’t worry. He has a black box, and we know it wasn’t your fault, and we will be able to prove it with the black box.” However, he was driving a rental car. When they looked at the black box, someone had smashed it, so they couldn’t see what actually happened in the wreck. According to Korean law, it doesn’t matter who is at fault. The police consider two people in the accident, and so they fine both people. I talked hard to the police and they said the only way to really know who was at fault was to take it to court, and it would cost a lot of money. They finally relented because I told them about something else that had happened to me. You see, I know what these scammers do in Korea.

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In the other situation, I was driving the speed limit. There was someone behind me in the other lane speeding, and I didn’t know he was speeding. I signaled and changed lanes. He got so mad because he couldn’t keep speeding that he accidentally ran his car into the guard rail. I didn’t even know it had happened. At the next stop light, he got out of his car and was screaming at me and beating on my car. I didn’t know why he was doing it, and I was scared. I called my boss, and she said ignore him and come on to work.

Koreans drive some of the fanciest cars in the world. They don’t allow there to be even on elven one little scratch on their car. Everything is about beauty in Korea.//Photo by Leo Cardelli on Pexels.com

A couple of days later, a policeman showed up at my school. The guy had been in the police office yelling ever since it happened, and I got informed that he had run his car into the guard rail. I told the policeman that I hadn’t even known what happened or why the guy was screaming until right then, and my car was fine. The policeman asked me to go over what I had done, so I did. When he heard I was going the speed limit, he said that was the problem because the other guy was speeding. He said, however, he didn’t know what to do with the guy because he was in his office screaming. He told me I hadn’t broken any laws, but to get the guy out of his office, could he call my insurance company and get them to fix his car. I had no experience with things like that. I hadn’t had any wrecks, and I didn’t realize they went up on your insurance if someone turned a claim into them. I was trying to help the situation out even though none of it was my fault, and I let the policeman call the insurance company and get them to fix the guy’s car. The problem was resolved, but they had scammed my insurance, and I had to pay for it in higher premiums.

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You see, I know what they do. They take advantage of situations, and they charge the insurance company when they shouldn’t be doing it. There is a good possibility that guy was Korean and not Chinese at my daughter’s job today. I have seen people who aren’t sick spend weeks at a time in the hospital just resting like a vacation and charging it all to the insurance company. I actually think insurance companies are a big rip off too, but I can guarantee that the hotel business needs to look out for Korean businessmen. they will take advantage of any situation they can. I have seen people with one little scratch on their car get the insurance company to paint their whole car in Korea rather than just one little scratch. Be careful.

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