My Daughter Now Has Two Jobs

As most people know, since we got to America, my daughter has really been hitting the bushes looking for any place that would let her work and pay her for it. She thought she had a job as the front desk hotel clerk, but they didn’t call her back, and she gave up on them. A couple of days ago, she was offered a job at Applebee’s as a hostess, so she took it and has been going for training. However, the people form the hotel finally got back to her, and today, we started training to work in the hotel too.

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It will keep her busy, and she knows she won’t be able to keep both jobs indefinitely. When her new semester at college begins, she is going to have to choose one job and stay with it and give the other one up. However, she has been a month without a paycheck. It really didn’t hurt her that much because she has money in the bank, but she really didn’t like going that long without a job. She has decided to work both jobs until her new semester begins, and when the semester begin, she will have to quit the one that is part time so she can have time to study. In the mean time, she will be trying to make up for the paycheck she didn’t get for one month. She has asked long days out of herself, but she is positive that she can do it.

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She worked at Applebee’s this evening, and she said it is going to be very easy and fun. She worked with a teenage girl who love K-Pop and has even been to K-Pop conventions here in the States. She spent a lot of time talking to the girl. Her main job will be greeting the customers and showing them to their tables.

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She says the people at the hotel love the fact that she speaks Korean because first, they like people who speak foreign languages in Hotels. And secondly, very few Americans can speak Korea, and even fewer can speak it on the level that she can speak it. You have to be able to take a government test and get level 3 to go to the university in Korea, and my daughter is a level 6. She is actually very unusual. She grew up with her mother speaking foreign languages, and I sent her to language school in Korea, and that is one of the reasons they want her at the hotel. The people at the hotel also thought she was very sophisticated because of how she dresses. She is wearing my hand me downs, and I have been a university professor. They were also surprised because she is in the habit of bowing to people who walk by and not even thinking about it, and they thought it made her more sophisticated too. They actually think she could go far in the hotel business and that working at the front desk is just the beginning.

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One step at a time, things are going well. She and her husband had the plan for her to come here, get a job, and set up a home for them. The things we shipped should be here next week. She has her jobs, and after she works there for a while, she wants to begin buying a house. You see, for her husband to get a green card to work in America, she needed to come, get a job, and set up a home. After she does those things, then he can go for an interview at the embassy in Seoul. That is why he is still in Korea. He can’t get his green card without that interview. Their plan is working a step at a time. She actually has two jobs right now.

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