The Love of God (Iubirea Dumnezeului)

Buna Ziua. E timp pentru un cantec spiritual din noua. (It is time for a spiritual song again.) Sper ca te gasesc bine. (I hope I find you well.) E Simbata aici, si a-am trezit devreme si am inceput s scriu. (It is Saturday here, and I woke up early and began to write.) Intotdeauna ma simpt ca sunt atat de mult de intrebare ca nu pot sa raspund la toti. (I always feel like there are so many questions that I can’t respond to all of them.) Totusi, am incercat sa trimesc niste blogule despre intrebare pe care earu trimis la mine. (However, I tried to send some blogs about the questions that were sent to me.) Sper ca am raspuns intru un mod pe care poate sa ajut pe oameni. (I hope I responded in such a way to help people.) Daca vreti sa citi blogule pe care am scris azi, poti sa le citi. (If you want to read the blogs I wrote today, you can read them.) Erau intrebare despre limbele si despre cultura. (There were questions about language and culture.) Din cauza ca am locuit in mult tarele si vorbesc mult limbele, oameni pe care me trimi ingtrebare ca asta a intrebat cineva potrivita. (Since I have lived in many countries and speak several languages, they asked the right person.) Si daca oamen vor sa ma intrebe despre Dumnezeu, ei pot. (if people want to ask me about God also, they can.) Am predate limbele pentru mult ani, si am intrebat Biblia pentru multi ani. (I have taught language for many years, and I have taught Bible for many years.)Am studiat Biblia mult, si pot sa ajut si oameni pe care au intrebare despre Biblia. (I have studied the Bible a lot, and I can help people who have questions about the ible too.)Acum, vreau sa te trimesc un cantec despre iubirea Dumnezeului. (Now, I want to send you a song about the love of God.)

The Love of God

Iubirea Dumnezeului

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The love of God is greater far

Iubirea Dumnezeului e mai mare

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than tongue or pen can ever tell

decat limba sau penita poate sa spune

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It goes beyond the highest star

Merge mai departe decat stea cel mai inalt

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And reaches to the lowest hell

Si ajunge al cel mai adanc iad

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The guilty pair, bowed down with care

Cele doua vinovat, se inclinat cu grija

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God gave his son to win

Dumnezeu a dat fiul lui sa castiga

His erring child he reconciled

Copilul lui pe care a gresit, ea se impacat

And pardoned from his sin.

si a ieratat din pacatele lui

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Could we with ink the ocean fill

Daca putem sa umplam mare cu cerneala

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And were the skies of parchment made

Si daca cer era facut de hirtie pergament

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Were every stalk on earth a quill

Daca fiecare tulpina pe pamant erau curvetura matlasata

And every man a scribe by trade

si daca fiecare om era un scrib pentru serviu lui

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to write the love of God above

sa scrium iubirea Dumnezeului deasupra

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Would drain the ocean dry.

mare ari fie secat

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Nor could the scroll contain the whole

Nici poate cel pergament contine totul

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Though stretched from sky to sky

Chair daca e intins din cerl a cerul




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