Scary Driving Lesson Number 6

After the last driving lesson, my daughter was scared to drive again, but she got brave when I suggested she try again, and decided to try. I drove her out into the country and found a place to turn the car around so she could drive us back toward town.

My daughter getting in the driver’s seat.
Starting the car.
She pulled out onto the road tp head tpward town.

Initially, she did just fine as long as there were no other cars on the road.

She came to a four way stop.

When she came to a four way stop, there were other cars at the stop signs. She was confused as to who should go first. She knws the law that the one furthest to the right goes first, but she was still unsure, so I had to tell her when to go. She was creeping down the road after that. There were cars on the other side of the road and behind us. They were scaring her.

The other cars were scaring her.

She began huggin ghte right side of the road too much trying to stay away from the other cars. She kept almost going off the side of the road, and she scared me, but I only told her to stay on the road and that she was just getting too close to the side of the road. Sometimes, her wheels got off the side of the road, and I kept reminding her, but she just couldn’t seem to stay directly on the road. I was scared, but I kept my mouth shut because I didn’t want to upset her. in my fear, I began breathing funny, and she figured out that I was scared. I apologized, and she told me she was scared too.

We came to a stoplight.

We came to a stoplight, and she successfully changed lanes into the right hand lane because the road changed to four lanes, and I thought she should try a turn. She did a good job on the turn, and then the four lnae road turned into a two lane road, and she did a good job changing lanes again.

There were more cars on the road again.

There were more cars on the road again. Being in the middle of the country didn’t seem to help. There was a school bus following us. She was just creeping along and kept making her right tires go off the road again. I was really scared, and so was she. She just couldn’t handle the cars on the road, and the school bus really scared her. Since her right wheels were off the road and she was creeping along, I told her just to stop. Neither of us could take it. She was scared of the cars and the bus, and I was scared of her driving. She stopped and jumped out of the car, so I put the hand brake and hazard light on.She came running to my side of the car crying, so I got out and ran to her side of the car and got in to drive. The bus behind us had stopped, and the driver’s hands were up in the air, and her mouth was going a million miles per hour. I couldn’t hear what she was saying, but my daughter thought she was yelling.

I drove us back to town with my daughter crying all the way. She was ready to give up and go back to Korea. I told her that it would just take time. I told her not to worry that if I had to, I would be her chauffer the rest of my life. She said she didn’t think she could ever learn to drive. I told her that it would just take time. I asked her if she wanted me to get her professional driving lessons, and she declined. She said, “You are scared of me! You don’t want to teach me!” I told her that if she wanted me to teach her, I would just have courage, and we would continue, but that we couldn’t push it. We have to take it slow. I told her we would just go out driving occasionally, and if it takes six month or a year or even longer, not to worry because I would just keep driving her as long as she needed me to. I reminded her that learning to drive isn’t easy for anyone and that I had already told her I got a headache every time I went out to drive when I had driver’s education. She told me she wasn’t mad at me, but that her nerves were shot.

We got home, and she went to her bed, laid down, and cried until she got over it, and then began plaing a video game. She is doing better now.I told her that next time we go out, we are going to have to put a sign in the window that she is a beginning driver because we don’t need to be upsetting people like we did the bus driver.

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