Lunch With Old Friends

A couple of days ago, I got a phone call from an old friend. We were in Japan together, we were also roommate for one summer, and she was one of the bride’s maids in my wedding many years ago. She wanted to go out to eat and catch up, and I was thrilled with the idea. We made plans to meet at a place called Cheddar’s yesterday. She would bring her sister who is also a friend of mine, and I would bring my daughter. We are older and haven’t seen one another in a few years, but we are still friends.

Linda and Debbie

Linda and Debbie are sisters. Debbie was in Japan with me and was a bride;s maid in my wedding. Linda sang at my wedding.They are extremly sweet ladies. Deb bie’s mother in law called, and Linda wanted to stay, but she left to help Debbie’s mother in law. When Debbie saw my daughter, she knew in a moment even though she didn’t see me that she was my daughter because she thought she looked just like I used to look. Linda has been following my Spanish blogs because she wants her Spanish to get better.Her neighbors only speak Spanish, and no English, and she wants to learn to talk to them. She says my blogs are really helping her.

Linda’s calendar

After Linda had to leave, Debbie showed us the calendar that Linda had made for her, and it is beautiful. It is a family calendar with all their birthdays, and a scripture and a beautiful picture that Linda took for every month.On everyone’s birthday, there is a picture of them, so Debbie showed me her kid’s and husband’s pictures like that. She also showed me her brother’s picture, and I went to school with her brother too. They are a very spiritually minded family, every one of them.

chicken pot pie
broccoli and cheddar soup
steak, broccoli, and french fries
grilled fish, carrots, and broccoli

Linda took hers to go. I at the chicken pot pie and the soup, but it was too much, and I couldn’t finish it all. My daughter at the steak, and Debbie at the grilled fish.

We had a lot of catching up to do. I hadn’t seen Debbie since I had come back to visit when I was in Romania, and we spent a couple of days together then. She was the mother of two rowdy little boys, but her rowdy boys are grown now. Our kids played together, but they hardly remember one another.

Debbie and I spent all afternoon talking and catching up. She tried to talk me into going over to Oklahoma Christian University to teach because she thinks they would be thrilled to have me and that is where I belong. I am thinking about going over there. I’m not sure yet because my daughter really needs me right now.My daughter is trying to get a job and learn to drive, and it is a lot on her shoulders. I may eventually go over to Oklahoma Christina University, at least for a visit. I was planning on going over there to visit already, but I haven’t yet because I am pretty busy. Debbie and I really enjoyed catching up!

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