All the Way My Savior Leads Me (Tot Drumul Unde Muntuitorul Meu Ma Conduce)

Buna Ziua. Ce mai faci? (How are you doing?) Tot e bine aici. (Everything is fine here.) Astazi, mi fica va ei doi interviuele. (Today, my daughter has two interviews.) Sunt pentru servicile pe care ea intru adevar vrea. (They for jobs that she really wants.) Amendoi sunt pentru ea sa fie o receptioner. (They are both for her to be a receptionist.) Sper ca ea poate sa faca destul de bine sa procura unul de acestele servicile. (I hope she can do well enough to get one of these jobs.) Acum, eu trebuie sa o conduc fica mea peste tot ca nu poate sa conduca o masina inca. (Now, I have to drive my daughter everywhere because she can’t drive yet.) Cel mai mult de oameni de varta ei in America poate sa conduca, (Most people here age in America can dirve.) Dar pana acum, noi am locuit in Romania, si Japonia, si in Corea, si acolo ea nu a avut nevoie sa conduca. (But until now, we have lived in Romania, in Japan, and in Korea, and she didn’t need to drive.) In Romania si Japonia, ea era pre mica sa conduca. (In Romania and Japan, she was too small to drive.) In Corea, ea nu a trebuit sa conduca ca a mers peste tot cu metro sau autobuz. (In Korea, she didn’t have to drive because she went everywhere with the subway or with a bus.) In vietile nostru, avem nevoie de un conducatorul. (In our lives, we need a driver.) Viata e greu. (Life is hard.) Multe hore, nu stiu care drumul sa merg. (Very often, we don’t know which way to go.) Daca facem o greseala, facem problemele pentru noi insusi. (If we make a mistake, we make problems for ourselves.) Daca facem decisia buna, viata e mai bine, dar nu intotdeauna stiam care drumul e cel mai bun. (If we make a good decision, our lives are better, but we don’t always know which way is the best.) Avem nevoie de sfatul pe care ne ajuta. (We need advice that will help us.) De asemenea, avem nevoie de cineva pe care poate sa ne ajuta sa mearge in rai. (We also need someone who can help us go to Heaven.) De asta, lasam pe Dumnezeu sa ne conduce. (Because of this, we let God guide us.)

All the Way My Savior Leads Me

Tot Drumul Unde Mantuitorul Ma Conduce

All the way, my savior leads me,

Tot Drumul unde mantuitorul ma conduce,

What have I to ask beside?

Ce am sa cer afara de asta?

Can I doubt his tender mercy

Pot sa ma indointa en mila lui iubitor

who through life has been by guide?

Cine prin viata era mi ghid?

Heavenly peace, divinest comfort

Pacea cerului, comfort cel divina

Here by faith in him to dwell

Aici prin credinta in el triesc.

For I know whatever befall me

Pentru ca stiu ca ori ce intampla la mine

Jesus doeth all things well

Iesu face tot lucru bine!

for I know whatever befall me,

Pentruca stiu ca ori ce intampla la mine

Jesus doeth all things well.

iesu face tot lucru bine.

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