Driving Lesson Number 5; A Bit of a Mishap

We drove out to Choctaw for evening worship services at the church. Again, there was another good sermon that came from Hebrews about angels, and ended up in Galatians 5 because in the end of Hebrews, it says that we need to be careful about treating strangers right because we may be entertaining angels unaware. The preacher said as Christians, we should act right all the time anyway whether we know we are entertaining angels or not, and he was right, and he took us to Galatians 5 to show us how Christians should act. In Korea, I asked the question of the students in my Bible classes so many times, “What are the fruits of the spirit?” Many in my classes had this memorized, “Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control.” My daughter was at the top of the class at being able to list these off. After church, my daughter decided to drive us home since she needed another driving lesson.

There were cars all around us where we were parked.

I was worried that when my daughter realized how many cars were in the parking lots, she might back out, but she didn’t. She got in the car, started it, and put it in reverse and backed out of the parking spot just fine.

guiding the car through the other cars in the parking lot

Since I had taught her in the other parking lot where there were not cars to guide the car through the lines, she did a pretty good job guiding the car through the cars to the road.

going down the country road

She pulled out of the parking lot and turned onto the country road toward Midwest City. She was doing a good job. Ever so often, it felt like she was hugging the right side of the road too closely, so I would say something because I didn’t want her accidently going off the side of the road. She did it because she was intimidated by other cars when they passed on the other side of the road. She went twenty miles per hour on a street that had a forty mile per hour speed limit. Other than going slow, she was doing fine.

She did a good job stopping at the first stop sign.
She did a good job stopping at the send stop sign.

After she had done a good job stopping at two stop signs, I said to her that she should try turning a corner. She had never turned a corner on the road, and she agreed. At the third stop sign, she turned the corner, and she did a good job. We went on down that road for a while, but we didn’t know the road and didn’t know where it would take us, so we decided she should find a place to turn around and go back.

She pulled the car up into a driveway. I discouraged her from getting too close to the house because she might intimidate the people who lived there, and she understood. We were on a country road, so she thought she could back out into the street to turn around because of the lack of traffic. She was right. There was not traffic. She backed up. She forgot and gunned the car and didn’t turn her steering wheel enough. She went directly across the street, went off the road, and into a bunch of trees. I was staying, “Put on brake! Put on the bake!” Thankfully, she didn’t hit a tree. She finally put the brake on. I had taught her to back slowly, but she had forgotten. The car got a bit scratched by tree branches. The outside of the mirror on my side fell off, and when I tried to open my door to get out, I couldn’t. There was nothing wrong with the door, it was just too close to the trees.

As I opened the door, I could see the outside of the mirror on the ground, and even though I couldn’t get out, I retrieved it. She got out of the car and came running around to my side saying she was finished driving for the day. She was really shook up. I realized that instead of saying, “Put on the brake!” I probably should have grabbed that hand brake. I was grateful nothing major was wrong. I climbed across the console of the car and pulled the car out of the trees, and then she was able to get back in the car, but not to drive.

She was all shook up. I drove home, and she kept saying, “You aren’t going to put this on Facebook, are you?” she was embarrassed. She told me I could blog about it, but not to put in on Facebook because she knew too many people on Facebook and was afraid they would tease her about her mistake. I kept wondering what I could do to make her feel better. I remembered that my oldest son always needed chocolate pudding when he was upset, and he got into a better mood, but I knew it wouldn’t work for her. I wracked my brain. She likes bubble baths, so I suggested she take a nice bubble bath when she got home, but she said she wasn’t going to. She loves to draw, so I suggested she draw when she got home, but she said she didn’t want to do that either, and that I had to stop worrying about her because nothing was going to make her feel better. I told her she would feel better after she had a good night’s sleep.

I let her know that we all went through it when we were trying to learn to drive. I reminded her that in my very first driving lesson, my Uncle Lewis took me out, and I almost hit a stop sign, and he gave up. He decided it was too hard to teach me. I reminded her that when I had driver’s education in school, every time I drove, I got a headache because I was so scared of making a mistake. I let her know she wasn’t alone and that anyone who read what happened would understand because every adult American has had to learn to drive.

She put the back part of the mirror back on the car as soon as we got home.

When we got home, we decided it was time to access any damage. She was quick! She put the back of the mirror back on right away before I could even get out of the car. She pulled a twig out of the windshield wipers. We began looking at any scratches that had gotten on the car from the tree branches. She was hoping what we saw were just dirty marks and would come off with washing the car.

There were a few small scratches, but they may just be dirty from where a branch touched us.
We really were hoping when we washed the car the marks would just come off.

I couldn’t blog about it yesterday because I have been having trouble getting pictures to upload onto my website. I loaded the pictures last night, and it is Monday morning now, not Sunday evening, that I am blogging because I have most of the pictures. She seems to be over it all this morning. She knows she has to learn to drive, but like the rest of us, it worries her to death. She is happy right now, but I don’t know what she is going to say the next time she has the opportunity to drive. She knows how important it is for her to learn to drive.

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