The Oklahoma State Fair, Part Four; The Wild West Show

Watching the Wild West show was a plus to our afternoon. We didn’t go realizing we would see a Wild West show. We had walked through the midway seen all the games and rides. We had seen all the souvenir shops and food stands including American Indian food. We had watched the jousting, listened to a man playing the guitar dressed in an old European monk’s outfit, and listened to a girl playing the fiddle. We also heard a man playing on a banjo and singing. We had walked through the Wild West Village and had seen all the crafts they were performing. We had watched the Indian dances. We thought we had done what we came for, but as we were sitting there on the bench after the Indian dances, a man dressed like an old western sheriff came out of the wild west town buildings and told us in a very home spun countryfied way that there was going to be a Wild West Show, and that we needed to stay around and watch. He was quite funny, and we decided to stay.

The funny sheriff came out and told us to stay for the show.
Here is bad Bob and his buddy he was always calling stupid, Bubba.

Evidently, bad Bob and Bubba had been in jail. The sheriff and his deputy had put them there. However, they had broken out of jail and gotten away. Now, they are back to settle the score with the sheriff and his deputy. The show was full of very silly, funny jokes. Everyone laughed all the way through.

The sheriff’s deputy

The sheriff was also always telling his deputy how stupid he was, and he was. As he is sitting on the bale of hay above, the sheriff is talking to him from behind, and he gets it in his head that the sheriff is inside the bale of hay. He thinks he is taking advantage of the situation because he begins kicking the bale of hay thinking the sheriff is inside, but the sheriff is standing behind him watching everything he is doing.

Bubba was driving bad Bob crazy! Bubba kept dancing every time music came on.
Here is the sheriff and bad Bob having a gun fight. Bubba is supposed to be helping bad Bob, but if you look close, he is holding his gun wrong. He is holding it by the barrel instead of by the handle. Bad Bob tried to correct him, but there is just no correcting this guy, and he drove bad Bob crazy!
Bad Bob is telling Bubba to get lost!
The deputy whips his cowboy hat off, and he had a pony tail on top of his head like a samurai and was carrying a samurai sword. They play Japanese traditional music, and he does moves like he is doing martial arts.
The marshal finally kills bad Bob, and the deputy accidently shoots the sheriff in the bottom.

The show was over. It was full of nonsense all the way through and very funny! Everyone was laughing. We were glad we stayed around to watch. We were getting really hot and tired, and decided it was time to go find the car and go home after the show. We had fun at the Oklahoma State Fair today.

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