We Had a Guest This Evening

This evening, our friend came to see us. I made Spanish rice and baked a cake. We also had sweet iced tea and cantaloupe. Cantaloupe is a melon that I love that was really hard to get in Korea. Our friend came for dinner, and she came bearing gifts. After dinner, we played games and listened to music. It was a pleasant evening.

I made Spanish rice.
I baked a chocolate cake.
After dinner, we played games and listened to music.

She was bearing a lot of gifts. Here are some of the gifts:

a box of Korean goodies
a box of Korean pancake mix
A cutting board in the shape of Oklahoma
An Oklahoma dish towel
a book about Oklahoma

Here are some of the things that are in the book:

Articles ab out Oklahoma’s Indians
Morea bout the Indians
articles about Oklahoma’s cowboys
an article about Oklahoma’s rodeos
an article about horseback riding
an article about some of Oklahoma’s traditional foods
Christianity must be included if you are talking about Oklahoma. There are lots of big churches here.

It will take us time to get through the book, but it is an interesting looking book. We spent a pleasant evening. Our friend is trying so hard to make us feel good in Oklahoma, and we appreciate it.

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