Upon the Gospel’s Sacred Page (Pe Pagina Sfanta Evangelia lui)

Buna Ziua. Sper ca esti bine azi. (I hope you are fine today.) Astazi, te trimesc un cantec vech. (Today, I am sending you an hold hymn.) Nu cred ca mult can cantecul acest acum. (I don’t think many people sing this song now.) Nu conteaza daca ceva e vech. (It doesn’t matter if something is old.) Daca un cantec e vech si oameni nu cantau cantechul acest acum, e inseamna cu e un cantec nou pentru cel mai mult de oameni. (If a song is old, and people don’t sing the song now, it means that it is a new song to most people.)

Upon the Gospel’s Sacred Page

Pe Pagina Sfanta Evangelia lui

Upon the gospel’s sacred page,

Pe pagina sfanta evangelia lui,

The gathered beams of ages shine;

Cel adunat razele de erale straluci

And as it hastens, every age

si cum grabi, fiecare era

but makes its brightness more divine.

dar face stralucire lui mai divin

On mightier wing, on loftier flight,

Pe mai puternica aripa, pe mai inalt zboara,

From year to year does knowledge soar;

Din anul la anul cunostinta zboara;

And, as it soars, the gospel light

Si, cum zboara, cel lumina evagelia lui

Becomes effulgent more and more.

Devini luminous mai si mai.

More glorious still, as centuries roll,

Mai glorios totusi, cand secolule trec,

New regions blest, new powers unfurled,

regiunele noua cel binecuvantat, puteria noua neintrerupt,

Expanding with the expanding soul,

Se umfland cu cel sufletul ce umfla,

It’s radiance shall o’er flow the world.

Radiatie lui va curge peste lumnia.

Flow to restore, but not destroy,

Va curge sa restaurata, dar nu sa destruge,

As when the cloudless lamp of day

Cum cand lumina fara nori ziua lui.

Pours out its floods of light and joy,

Curge inunda de lumina si bucurie,

And sweeps the lingering mists away.

si strege cel aburi ce intarsia departe.


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