There Must Be a Law Against This

Today, was my daughter’s first day to work as a baker. I couldn’t believe what shape they sent her home in! In fact, they weren’t even ready for her to leave when she left, but I was waiting outside and urged her to tell them she needed to go, and I had been waiting for an hour over her normal quitting time. When she got in the car, her face was red, her face was dripping with sweat, she was crying, and her glasses had slipped way down on her face. They had treated her like a slave all day long.

She looked worse than this.

They didn’t give her one break. She worked from twenty til 8 in the morning until about 5:15 in the afternoon, and they wanted her to stay longer. She couldn’t sit down even for a minute all day long. They didn’t even let her eat lunch or go use the bathroom.

She told her boss that her back was killing her, and he said if it continues to bother her, he will transfer her to another department. She told me that if things don’t get better by Friday, she will quit.

This is illegal!!

When I worked in Oklahoma several years ago, I was told that I had to have at least a 15 minute break every two hours. Have the laws changed? I think they were just taking advantage of her because they could. No one should be sent home from work in the shape she was sent home! It is inhumane. They told her in her interview that it was only from 8:00 til 4:00, but today, she was told it can be several hours longer than until 4:00, and it was more than an hour longer, and she had to plead with them to let her go. She was afraid I would go in and put them all straight, but I try not to mess in my kids’ lives, but I sure have an opinion, and what they did to her today should be against the law!

3 thoughts on “There Must Be a Law Against This”

    1. She was hesitant to quit because she needs a job, but she says I talked her into it, and she called them up and quit last evening after I wrote the blog. We then went on to Bible class, and she was still feeling bad and had trouble not crying, so she left and went to the car and waited for me. On the way home, she vomited. After a day like she had, she couldn’t even keep the little amount of food in that she ate at dinner. Everyone here is telling her it is against the law too.

      1. Her job sounded horrible!! I’m so glad she quit! She will not regret it!!
        She must be allowed two breaks, if not just for the bathroom. And another longer one for lunch! That sounds so much against the law!

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