My Neighbors Had Trouble

Today began very early for me because I had to get up and drive my daughter across town to begin her new job. I dropped her off about 7:40 at her new job, and then had to drive home. She had written the directions out specifically and had tried to make it easy because I didn’t know my way over there and back at all. We live in Midwest City, but her job is over in Oklahoma City, so I had to take the freeway. She was really scared I would miss my exit going home or go to sleep in the car or something, but nothing like that happened. I had a little trouble seeing because the sun was shinning directly in my eyes, but I made it fine. When I got home, there was a very unusual sight. In the parking lot, there was a girl sitting with her driver’s door open on her car. She was all slumped over with her legs hanging out of the car. She seemed to be passed out or something.

The girl worried me, so I tried to talk to her to see if she way okay, but she didn’t respond. I thought, “Well, either she is asleep or very sick.” I decided to bet on her being asleep and then come back and check on her later. I figured if she was still like that later, I would have to call 911 or talk to the lady in the main office. I went into my apartment and had a glass of tea and then went back to check on her. She was out of her car sitting in front of one of the apartments across the way talking to a woman in a wheel chair who had a huge dog on a lease.

The girl told me that she had had car trouble, but that she was okay. She said she didn’t live there, but that the lady in the wheel chair was her mother, and that her mother lived there. She and her mother introduced themselves. They said the daughter had just had a really hard time lately. They said someone had called 911 on her, but that she had only been asleep and had a hard time waking up. I went back into my apartment, turned on a movie, and dozed off.

Our car is the white one.

In a few minutes, someone knocked on my door. It was the girl again. She asked me if I would give the battery on her car a jump. I agreed. I decided to take pictures for you this time. She had a little trouble finding her battery cables, but then she finally did, and we hooked her battery to my battery, and her car started. Had we had trouble with our car like this in Korea, we could have called the car insurance company or the car service, and they would have sent someone out to help us. However, here in America, people do things like this for themselves. I didn’t even have to pump gas in Korea, but in America, everyone pumps gas.

She told me that she actually did live with her mother, but technically, she wasn’t supposed to according to the apartment rules. She said she could stay 8 or 9 days as just a guest, so she stays 7 or 8 days, then she leaves a couple of days, and then she comes back. She said they had to cheat the system so she could have a place to live. Her mother was accepted to live in the apartments, but she wasn’t. Her life is very difficult, and that is why she was passed out with her legs hanging out of her car. It was hard for us to get an apartment, so I understand that she has trouble getting an apartment where they would let her live there. She works over at the local pizza joint. Her car was running when I left her, and she needed to go. I went back into my apartment.

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