Surprised by Driving Lesson Number Four

We drove out into the country to the Choctaw church of Christ church building to try to talk to someone in an office out there, but there was no one inside, and the door was locked. I decided the trip didn’t need to be completely in vain, so as we went to the car, I told my daughter it was time for her to drive on the road since we were basically in the country. She initially protested saying she wasn’t ready, but then she gave in. She had never driven on the road before, and the thought of it scared her. However, I reminded her that we were on a country road and that it was a long way back to town, so it was a good time for her to drive us back to town, and she agreed. She drove us until we got close to town.

Starting the car
The road as we came out of the parking lot onto the road

The building for the Choctaw church of Christ is located on an intersection in the middle of the country, and there are other church buildings on the other corners of the intersection. That means some cars go out there when there are no services or Bible classes going on, but not many. She had a lot of trepidation about driving out into the road, but she finally did it. She turned back to the left toward Midwest City where we are living.

Driving down the country road

She went slowly. She kept saying she wasn’t used to using the gas pedal very much since she had been driving in the parking lot until now. However, I told her it was okay because she was in the country and could go slow. If another car came along, they passed her, but it was just fine. I told her not to let it rattle her. She kept veering off toward the right, and I was a little scared she would run us off the road, so I kept reminding her to guide the car between the lines. She said she was scared every time a car passed her going the other direction, and that was why she kept going toward the right. I was kind of scared, but I kept talking calmly to her and trying to get her to guide the car between the lines and just go slow.

She came to her first stop sign.

As she approached her first stop sign, it seemed she wasn’t going to stop soon enough, but she put her foot on the brake a bit fast and threw me forward a bit. After that, she took her foot off and then eased the car into a better stop. Luckily, there were no other cars around, then she proceeded on down the road slowly.

She slowly proceeded on down the road.
After several stop signs, she came to her first stop light.

She had a bit of trouble getting the stop signs just right. She only put her foot on the brake too quickly at the first one. After that, she eased into the stop signs, but had a tendency to stop too far away from the corner. I kept telling her that she could stop just behind the white line, so after she stopped, she would go ahead and slowly proceed to the white line by the stop sign. Finally, she came to her first stop light. She did the same thing. She is going to need practice stopping at a particular place.

The two lane road had turned into four lanes, and it bothered her.

First the road turned from a two lane road into a four lane road, and then she came to her first stop light. She was worried we were getting too close to town for her to drive. She decided to pull into the closest parking lot. There were cars in the parking lot, and it scared her to go any further. She just pulled into the lane getting off the road, and put the car in park and put the parking break on. She told me she was finished for today and that I needed to take over. I had suggested she try a turn, but she said just driving on the road and stopping at the stop signs was enough for her, and she wanted me to drive. She had been scared enough.

She is ready to run from that steering wheel. She was scared to go any more into the parking lot because there were parked cars.
As she got back in on the other side of the car she let me know emphatically that it was enough for one day.

Step by step, slowly, she will get there. She really didn’t want to drive on the road today, but she did. I don’t want to push her too much, but she needs to slowly get used to it. I know how nerve wracking it can be. When I was in high school and in driver’s ed, I got a headache every time I drove because it scared me so much that I might make a mistake. Every American has to go through this. It is awfully hard if we don’t learn to drive. Maybe I can get her to turn a corner next time.

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