Seeking the Lost (Cautand Cel Pierdut)

Buna Seara. Sper ca sunteti bine azi. (I hope you guys are fine today.) Ieri, cand am fost la bisercia, am mers de doua ore la doua diferite bisericii, si la amendoua, predicatorul a spus tuturor sa mearga sa gaseste cel pe care pierdut. (Yesterday, when I went to church, I went two times to different churches, and at both, the preacher said that everyone needed to go and find the people who are lost.) Si astazi, m-am gandit sa te trimesc un cantec despre cantand pentru cel perduit. (And today, I thought to send you a song about looking for those who are lost.)

Seeking the Lost

Cautand Cel Pierdut

Seeking the lost,

Cautand cel pierdut,

Yes, kindly entreating,

Da, sa cere de ei cu blandeti,

Wanders on the mountain astray,

hoinar pe muntele pierdut,

“Come unto me,” his message repeating,

“vine la mine,” mesajul lui repetand,

Words of the master speaking today.

Cuvantele maestu lui vorbind astazi,

Going afar (going afar)

Mergand departe (mergand departe)

Upon the mountain (upon the mountain)

Pe muntele (pe muntele)

Bringing the wanderer back again, back again.

Sa ducand cel hoinar in apoi, in apoi,

Into the fold (into the fold)

In la turma (in la turma)

Of my redeemer (of my redeemer)

Al mantuitorul meu (al mantuitorul meu)

Jesus the lamb for sinners slain (for sinners slain).

Iesu, cel miel, pentru pacatosi ucis, (pentru pacatosi ucis).

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