The Third Driving Lesson

Today, we went out for my daughter’s third driving lesson. I couldn’t convince her to try the country roads, but she said she will try the country roads next time. She is getting better. She is guiding the car much better and backing much better as well as easing on the gas pedal and the brake better.

She is ready to go again.
She learned how to pull the car into a parking space perfectly.
I opened my door to check how close she was to the line, and we decided she needed to try again.
She did better the second time. When I opened the door, she was right where she needed to be.

We began with parking and backing out of a parking place today. She did much better than last time. After she practiced going into a parking place in a slanted parking space, then she tried going into a parking place in a straight parking place. At first, she got on the line, but kept trying, and she got the hang of getting the car in the right place.

She went back and forth through here many times because it is narrow and has a curve and an incline at one end. This is where I had to grab the wheel last time to stop her from hitting the wall, but there was no problem this time. She just kept going through, and she was very happy because it was getting easier and easier.

She kept driving around the parking lot and wanted to go through the drop off points close to the building where she went last time. This time, there were no mistakes. I didn’t have to grab the wheel, and I didn’t get scared once, and I don’t think she did either.

It was good for her to take her up the narrow road and teach her how to get out of it by turning the car around in a small space. She got the hang of backing the car up better.

I wanted her to have more experience backing. She just didn’t quite get how to turn the wheel when she wanted to go a particular direction when she backed up. I am not sure what the name of it is, but when you go up a road and have to turn around in the middle of a narrow road and go back, I wanted her to learn that. I took her up a narrow road toward a neighborhood off the parking lot. I let her turn her wheel and go to the side of the road, then turn her wheel the other way and back up, then turn it the other way and go to the other side of the road again, and then she turned around. She tried it several times until she was good at it. It helped her get the hang of which way the car would go if she backed up and turned her wheel too.

I kept opening the door to check how far away she was from the curb when she parallel parked, and this was too far, so she had to try again.
She was working hard at getting everything right and doing a good job.
She was trying to parallel park next to the building, and I was checking to see if she was close enough. At first, she was scared to park close to the building, but I convinced her to try. She accomplished it, and every time she tried, she got better.

After that, I told her that if she didn’t want to go on the country road yet, perhaps she wanted to try parallel parking. She wasn’t scared of it at all. She was really game for it! I showed her a couple of poles that were close to the parking lot and told her to parallel park between those poles. The first time, she was too far from the curb, but she got it right the second time. There was grass by that side of the parking lot, so I told her she needed to go down by the building and parallel park by the building. It scared her, but she gave in and drove toward the building.

She did the same thing again. On the first try, she was too far away from the building, but on the second time, she parallel parked perfectly. She is really doing well. I know a lot of people who avoid parallel parking because it is hard, but she was game for it, and she accomplished it! She said she feels like she needs more practice, but was happy with what she did.

She finally decided she had been driving around the parking lot enough, and it was time to go home. She pulled the car into a parking place perfectly, put it in park, and pulled up the hand break for me to take over. She was happy because she was putting her food on the break slow enough not to throw me toward the windshield and accelerating slow enough. She was happy because I didn’t feel the need to grab the wheel this time. I was proud of her for doing such a good job with parallel parking. She says she is ready to go to the country road next time, and after she gets comfortable on the country road, she will drive in town. I told her after that she needed to go out on the big highway, and she winced. She is not looking forward to the big highway at all!

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