Finding Bread

Most people wouldn’t understand our dilemma with bread. You see, we lived in Romania for eight years, and we got spoiled on good Romanian bread. It isn’t like what we buy in the store in the States at all. Wonder bread and all the other breads in the grocery stores seem like gum to us, not bread. In Korea, we looked for decent bread all the time. We went to special bread shops to get special bread, and we could even find the better bread at the bakery in E-Mart for a while. (E-Mart is the Korean Wal-Mart.) We tried some sour dough bread from Wal-Mart here in America, but it just didn’t quite fit the bill even though it was better than Wonder bread. Today, we went looking for better bread. Perhaps Romania spoiled us, but we know good bread when we taste it, and the chemical filled gummy stuff is just not good in our way of thinking. I told my daughter in all our running around trying to get established in an apartment and trying to get her a job, I saw a place called Panera, and I was hoping it would have good bread.

We found Panera.
There were several different kinds of bread.
There were also lots of cookies and bread rolls.

When we went into Panera, there were several different kinds of bread, and we weren’t sure which one would be the best, but the all looked expensive. They also had bread rolls, cookies, bagels, and other kinds of bread besides the loaves. We wanted a nice loaf of bread. We finally decided to just choose the cheapest they had, and if we still weren’t satisfied, try a different kind next time.

It looked like a Korean coffee shop.
We are not coffee drinkers, but there were lots of different kinds of coffee. A lady in front of us in line kept talking about coming there to get coffee and sweet bread for everyone in her office.
There were lots of different kinds of interesting drinks.

As I looked around, the place reminded me of a Korean coffee shop. We thought my Korean son in law would really like this place because it was the kind of place he liked to go in Korea. They had lots of different kinds of drinks besides coffee.

They bake the bread there.
Their picture of squash soup looked like Korean pumpkin soup.

We also saw a picture of what they called squash soup that looked like the Korean pumpkin soup. I looked up on the menu, and it looked like they had all kinds of great looking soup. Perhaps some day we will want to go back there for a bowl of soup and some of their bread on the side.

There were lots of cool pictures on the walls. This looks like Romanian bread.
She sliced our bread for us in a special slicing machine, and now we need to try our bread and see if it was what we were looking for.

There were lots of nice pictures on the walls, and it looked like a great place. We are glad that we stopped in. They put our loaf of bread in a bread slicer for us which will make it much easier. In Romania, we actually had a bread slicer at home because we got tired of cutting it with a knife. We were shown by some of the Romanians that before they sliced their bread, the took the point of the knife and make a cross on the bottom of the bread to remember Christ. We never took up that custom, but found it interesting. Now, we need to try the bread.

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