My Daughter is a Baker

A lot of people know that my daughter has been looking for a job. This past week, she was offered a part time job in a clothing store, and she decided she would take it even though she wanted a full time job because a part-time job is better than no job. Today, she was offered a full time job as a baker baking bread and cookies.

She has been hired as a baker.

When they began asking her questions, she told them the truth. She grew up baking. Our family cooks. My mother worked for a lot of years in big kitchens. She wanted me to follow in her footsteps. I worked at a restaurant in high school as a waitress, but then I went on to college and became an English professor. When I left Japan, I had trouble finding a college who needed me, so I applied to work in an office. They called me up and asked, “Can you cook?” What a loaded question to ask someone like me!! I have been a missionary my whole adult life, and everything I make is from scratch otherwise I couldn’t eat the foods I like. I raised four kids having to make it all from scratch. They hired me over the phone when I told them what I could do, and I cooked for them in a big kitchen until a teaching job came along.

I don’t remember everything I have had my daughter do, but I have insisted that every one of my kids learn to cook. I have two boys and two girls, and they can all cook. At times, they call me up to get recipes for things they like. They all know what they are doing in the kitchen because I consider cooking a necessary skill for life, and they like being able to cook.

I even insisted my sons learn to cook because I consider it a necessary skill for life. One of my sons is a D. A. and the other is a Math teacher, but they both know their way around the kitchen.

I was surprised when I went to Korea and learned that about 99% of the women don’t bake, and on top of that, about 85% of the young married women don’t know how to cook. It is the old women in Korea who know how to do the Korean cooking, but they don’t bake. I became known for my cookies. At the university where I taught, once, there was a big meeting of all the students, and when I was introduced, someone yelled, “Cookies!”

My mother worked for years in big kitchens.

My daughter says she distinctly remembers me letting her help make cookies when she was about 8 years old. When she was 10 years old, she remembers being allowed to bake cookies alone. I have tried to get my Korean son in law to let me teach him how to cook, but he is like other Koreans and just has no interest. I did give baking lessons to one young Korean woman who thought she wanted to open a bakery. I still think that cooking is a necessary skill for life that everyone should learn. Even if you don’t like to cook at home, it could get you a job as it has done for me and my daughter.

The important thing is that she has a full time job!

At this point, my daughter has been hitting the bushes hard looking for a job. I am glad I stressed cooking to my kids. Not only can they all feed themselves at home, but it got her a job. Later, if a better job comes, fine, but until then, she has a marketable skill until someone figures out how good she is with computers and that she speaks 3 languages.

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