An Unusual Laundry Mat

Yesterday, we did laundry for the first time in the laundry at our new apartment. We got the card key to open the door to the laundry mat and thought we were in business. We were mistaken. Have you ever seen a laundry mat that uses a credit card on the machines rather than coins? We hadn’t. In fact, we couldn’t even figure out how to make the credit card work, and we wondered if we had to use the key card from the door. I had to go and get the apartment manager.

The room was big and clean, but we had no idea how to use the washers. Even when we tried to put the credit card in, it didn’t work.
The manager came and showed us how to use the machine. You have to put your credit card in upside down.

She came with me to the laundry mat. She told me that until they got the machines last year, she hadn’t seen anything like them either. She said they ordered them from somewhere in Europe. We went into the laundry mat, and she showed us how to run the machines.

The dryers were the same.
Here is where you insert your credit card

It seems that you put your credit card in upside down. After that, everything else is pretty well self explanatory. It was strange. The card slots were on the washers and the dryers. I guess that stops anyone from trying to tear up the machine and take the coins out. I am not really sure what the point was because it is hard to tear up metal machines.

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