An Easy Japanese Meal We Missed that We Can Get in America

Yesterday, we decided to eat Japanese ramen. You know, the kind that you can buy packages for from the American grocery store. They are cheap, easy, and taste good. I was disappointed when we went to Korea, because they have their own form of ramen, but it is called rameyon, and it is full of chili spice. My stomach couldn’t take all the chili spice the Koreans dish out. My daughter insisted on buying a whole big package with several small packages in it of Japanese ramen when we were at the grocery store because she missed it too. It is basically chicken noodle soup. If you have never made it, I will show you how.

We started with two packages of noodles since there are two of us.
If you open one of these packages, this is what is inside, noodles and a flavor package. The directions are on the back, and they are simple.
For one package, you only need two cups of water, but we were making two packages, so we needed four cups of water.
We put the water in a pot to boil on the stove.
We added the noodles to the boiling water. It doesn’t take long for these noodles to soften. I think it is only three minutes of boiling.
I stirred the noodles a little while they were boiling.
When the noodles were cooked, I took them off the fire.
I added both flavor packages.
I stirred, and the soup is finished. In Japan, sometimes, they may boil and egg and slice it up and add it or poach an egg to add, or put some chunks of cooked chicken, or add some kind of unusual vegetable, but it can be eaten plain too, and we wanted ours plain. Plain is good. I have actually made this kind of soup from scratch before, and it is almost just as easy. Om Korea, often my daughter made it from scratch because we couldn’t buy these packages of ramen in Korea. They are Japanese.
First I spooned the noodles out into a bowl with a slotted spoon.
Next, I poured the broth in the noodles.

Our American bowls seem so small compared to oriental bowls. One package is supposed to be enough for one bowl of soup, but our bowls were so small that one package was enough for two bowls of soup. We each had two bowls of soup because I made two packages. We really enjoyed it!! The Koreans have ramyeon, but for us who are not into overloaded chili spice, ramen is what we want.

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