The Second Driving Lesson

We are in our new apartment and my daughter didn’t have any job interviews scheduled for today, so we got up this morning and decided to do another driving lesson. She didn’t have to drive in Korea, but every adult in America needs to know how to drive. She was so scared during the first driving lesson! She just sat in the driver’s seat for the first time and learned where the gas and the brake pedals were. She learned what the gears were, about checking her mirrors and adjusting her seat. She drove a little the first time in the parking lots, but she was scared to death. I also taught her about her turn indicator. This time, she did more.

Winter is learning to drive.
She had a little trouble turning the car on, but finally got it going.
She got the car in Drive so she could go.
Away she went, slowly.
I wanted her to practice guiding the car between the lines on the parking lot. It scared her because there were a few cars in the parking lot this time, but it was good for her because she had to have more control of the car not to hit the other cars.

First, I just wanted her to learn to guide the car between the lines. I wanted her to learn to put her foot easily on the brake and the gas. I made her use her turn indicator even though she was in the parking lot because I want it to become second nature for her. I wanted her to learn to turn too because last time, every time she turned, she accidently made a U turn.

She drove back and forth between the lines.

First, she drove back and forth between the lines as I asked her. After that, she learned to slowly put her foot on the brake, then put her turn indicator on, and then turn without doing a U turn. There were no more accidental U turns today. If we went on an incline in the parking lot, it scared her. It also scared her because the first time, there were no cars in the parking lot, but today, even though there were very few, there were a few cars. She didn’t hit any of them, but she was scared she would. At one point, she had to back the car, and that is when she scared me. First, she didn’t look, and I stressed to her to look, so she did, then she went too fast, just like she was going forward, and I had to slow her down. She thought I was funny.

I had her drive through the tunnel at the drop off place, and she did fine. She went back and forth through here many times.

Next, since she was getting pretty good at guiding the car through the lines, we decided to let her guide it through one of those drop off places by the doors of the church building. She was scared, but she accomplished the easiest one, and then went through several times.

We were coming down an incline that curved when I took this picture, and she had a bit of trouble because of the incline, the curve, and the road was a bit more narrow. At first, she was scared and almost messed up, but eventually, she got the hang of it and did it many times.

After that, we decided, she needed to go down the more narrow space through the other place that was a drop of place at the back of the building. It had an incline and a turn at one end of the road from the parking lot. The first time she started to go down, I had to grab the steering wheel to keep her from bumping into the wall. She was scared and almost gave up, but I told her she could, and she did. She kept practicing going through that space again and again, and it got easier and easier.

I had her try going backwards, and she scared me. She will have to work more on backing the car up.
She parked the car, but not perfectly. she will have to work more on parking next time.

At the end, I had had her do everything I wanted her to do, and I told her she needed to practice parking the car. She drove around a little more, and then she put the car into a parking space in the parking lot. She was on the line on one side, but she said she was finished for the day. I asked her if she wanted to go on a country road next time, and she said she wasn’t ready. She thinks she needs at least one more time in the parking lot if not more. Slowly, but surely, she will get there.

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