We Moved into an Efficiency Apartment

We finally have internet in our new apartment, so I can blog again. I was offline completely yesterday while we were trying to get moved in, and they didn’t install the internet until this morning. We came to Oklahoma just with our suitcases, and when we began looking for apartments, many people wouldn’t even show us the apartments or consider letting us rent one even though we could pay. They had be a assured that we had a job here. Finally, someone let us rent an apartment based on my Korean son in law’s salary back in Korea even though we will be paying the rent, not him. It is an efficiency apartment because they all insisted nothing else was available, but it will do until we can do something better. At least it is where we live, and we aren’t staying with anyone anymore. Everything is still rather temporary because we have had to move everything ourselves, and it is just hard.

We love the kitchen!
We have a double sink with a garbage disposal. If you have never heard of a garbage disposal, which my daughter hadn’t, you put food garbage down it like potato peelings, left over food, etc., you turn the water on and let it run down the drawin, and then flip a switch on the wall, and it eats up all the food waste. It looks like a drain, and it is also used as a drain. If you look in the right sink, you can see where you poke the food down.
We have a four burner stove with an oven!! 🙂
We have a dishwasher! 🙂
We have a decent sized refrigerator!! 🙂
I found some pretty canisters to put our sugar and flour in.

It is an efficiency apartment, but it is about the size of the apartment we had in S. Korea, just not divided up into rooms, and the kitchen is bigger and much better. As far as the kitchen, in Korea, we were lucky just to have a three burner stove with no oven in Korea. We used a toaster oven for a while to bake in, and then switched to a confectionary oven with a transformer because someone bought it on the military base for us. Now, we have a regular American stove with four burners and a nice big oven. We also have a nice sized fridge, bigger than we had in Korea, but not as big as many people have in America. On top of all that, we also have a nice big dishwasher. We had a small dishwasher in Korea for a while that sits on the cabinet, but when we moved into the last apartment where we were, there was no cabinet space for the dishwasher, so we put it into storage on the balcony and did all the dishes by hand. We have been grocery shopping, and we are finding all kinds of nice things that were hard to find in Korea. There are a lot more cupboards and cabinet tops in the kitchen!

We are very happy with the bathroom too.

We are happy with the bathroom too even though it is the same size as our bathroom in Korea. There are more cupboards in the bathroom too. The weather is dryer here, so I won’t be fighting the mold in the bathroom like I always had to fight in Korea.

There is a built in closet, so we don’t have to use wardrobes anymore. Since we are living in an efficiency apartment, there is only one closet, and we have to share it, but it is big and roomy. It holds a lot more than a Korean wardrobe holds. There is also a built in chest of drawers in the apartment with a dresser on top with a mirror.

This is our big main room. We have opted out for light weight temporary furniture because we can’t lift a lot of furniture, and we don’t want to buy a bunch of expensive furniture to boot. This move has been expensive enough. We will do better later. We had a long, hard day yesterday, and a rough night last night, so you can see that the futon style bed is not a couch right now, but my daughter has laid it down, and she is recovering from all we have been through by taking a nap.

As far as other furniture, we have to supply it, but it is only two women, and it is hard to get furniture if you are just two women. My daughter has insisted on bringing furniture in that is easy for us to move, and I understand. Our situation is temporary, and eventually, we will get into a bigger apartment or house and have better furniture.

We are just getting started. The beginning of everything is hard. We bought a futon style couch/bed yesterday, and it looked big enough for two people, but we tried to sleep on it last night, and it just wasn’t, and we had a hard night. My daughter ordered another one online that will be here Saturday that is about 1/4 of the price we paid at Wal-Mart. In the meantime, she got herself an air mattress and plans on sleeping in the floor until her futon comes. Today, she is napping on the futon we bought yesterday because we have been working hard to get everything in here that we need just to basically live.

We are having some of our things in Korea shipped to us, but they haven’t arrived yet. We finally have a car and a place to live. My daughter was offered a part time job this morning, and even though she accepted, she is still going on interviews because she wans a full time job. By the time Saturday comes, she will have had five interviews this week. She will have something. There is space in our apartment if I can get a table and chairs in here, and then I can begin tutoring the students who are waiting for me to teach them English. When things even out more, the apartment manager suggested I go and talk to the people at a small college in walking distance from here and see if I could tutor some students from there too. We will see. We are just beginning, and everything is hard before it gets easy.

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  1. Welcome to Oklahoma! I’ll be praying you are able to settle in and that Culture Shock is softened.

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