Cooking the First Time on Our New Stove

If you have seen my other cooking blogs, I cook a lot from scratch. I don’t use box mixes because I travel, and there are no box mixes for American dishes outside of America unless you find an import shop somewhere and pay way to much or happen to know someone on an American military base who would shop for you. However, since I knew we were going to be busy at the beginning of moving into our new apartment, I bought a box mix while we were shopping. I learned about this box mix from one of my sister in laws who used to make this all the time. It is easy. You just follow the instructions on the box. I had a box mix for Mexican tacos. (I had to be specific about Mexican because in Japan or Korea, a taco is an octopus.)

Here is the picture of my box mix.
If you turn the package over, it has all the instructions on the back.
The instructions say you need a pound of ground beef, and I thawed one out already. The beef is much cheaper than in Korea!!!
This is what is inside the box, the taco shells, the seasoning package, and the taco sauce.
I also needed some grated cheese. You can buy grated cheese in Korea too.
I put my frying pan on the stove.
I put a pound of ground beef in the pan. In Korea, I would have had to add oil because all their ground beef is very lean. Here in America, you have to buy something expensive to get lean ground beef. The fat is left into the hamburger meat in America, so I don’t need to add more cooking oil when I put it in the pan.
I turn my stove on and brown the beef.
While the beef is browning, I take out my new cutting board, a tomato, and a knife.
I cut the tomato in little pieces.
The little pieces of the end of the tomato where the stem was connect, I put in the garbage disposal. Yes, it looks like I am putting it down the drain, but this gets rid of it, and it doesn’t clog the drain. It stops a lot of bugs from coming in the house.
I turn the water on, and I flip a switch by the sink, and the garbage disposal comes on and chews the pieces of food up I put in it, then I turn the water off and switch it back off. I have no worries about what to do with the wet food we don’t eat.
In the meantime, I have browned all the hamburger.
I take the hamburger out of the pan and put it on a plate leaving the fat in the pan.
I pour the fat into a cup, but I don’t put it in the garbage disposal because it will destroy it. It is, after all, a drain, and can get clogged if you put oil in it. After the fat cools, I will put it in a small plastic bag, seal it, and put it in the trash.
I put the meat back in the pan and add the flavor package.
I add two thirds cups of water to the meat.
I mix the meat, the water, and the flavor package, and I turn the stove back on and let it boil.
While the meat is boiling, I put the taco shells on my brand new cookie sheet.
I turn the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
I put the cookie sheet in that nice big American oven. Ovens are hard to come by in Korea, and I really appreciate having this oven!!! We begin discussing that there are only two of us, and we know there are too many taco shells there for us for one meal. We begin thinking what we should do with the excess. The tacos stay in the oven for 6 to 7 minutes.
The water and the spice mix is cooked into the hamburger, so I turn it off.
When I take the taco shells out of the oven, I put the taco meat in four of them and decide to save the rest of the shells and the meat since there are only two of us.
I put some of the shredded cheese on the meat in the taco shell.
Finally, I added tomatoes. You are supposed to also add lettuce, but we hardly buy lettuce because it goes bad before we can finish it. You can also put the taco sauce on at this point, but we didn’t. We decided there was enough spice in the meat already, so we put the taco sauce in the fridge for later too.
After we eat, clean up is easy because we have a nice big dishwasher. Yahoo!!!! 🙂

Our tacos were easy to make and tasted good. We have left overs we can eat later, and the clean up was easy too because we have a nice American kitchen with a dishwasher and a garbage disposal. We may be living in a little bitty apartment, but we are blessed to have a nice kitchen. I will cook for scratch more later, but for now, I did it from a box mix to make it easier because we have worked hard to get into our apartment, and we wanted to make it easier.

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