Little Caesar’s Pizza

Yesterday, my daughter wanted pizza. In fact, she knew right where she wanted to go to get pizza. When she graduated from high school, she was visiting her brother in Ohio while I was still in S. Korea. She was going to a special school in Ohio to finish high school. When she graduated, her class had a pizza party. They ordered lots of Little Caesar’s pizzas. She had never eaten Little Caesar’s pizza before, and she really enjoyed it. She has been in S. Korea with me every since, and she saw a Little Caesar’s Pizza here in Oklahoma, and she wanted to get some of their pizza.

This is her pizza box.

It was a bit different from other pizza places. As we drove into the parking lot, I thought it said there was a drive up window, and I though perhaps I had made a mistake, but I didn’t. I parked the car and waited while my daughter went to get her pizza. She came back so quickly I was amazed. We hadn’t called ahead or anything, and the pizza was ready in a snap!

This is what that pizza looked like that she was enjoying so much.

When she got in the car, she told me that I was right about there being a drive up window. She said she went up to the window to order, and she felt like laughing. It was a madhouse inside. Everyone was busy and yelling back and forth about what they were doing inside. They weren’t angry, just noisy! They were actually a very happy, noisy bunch. They put her pizza together in a snap and got it right out to her!

She was also amazed at the price! She said it was enough for three people to have a good meal, and it was under $5.00. She was convinced we would go back there again. In Korea, she and her husband used to go to Pizza School, and the crust was really thin, and sometimes the pizza wasn’t really that good, but they really liked the price, and she said the price of this pizza was better than Pizza School’s price. She also showed me that Pizza School’s pizza had cardboard thin crust, but this had thick crust, but that you could ask for thin crust if you wanted it.

When she ate it, she said it was slightly spicy, but not too spicy. I happened to be having stomach troubles yesterday, so I didn’t try any of her pizza. However, since she enjoyed it so much and said it was only slightly spicy, perhaps I will try some the next time she decides she must have some Little Caesar’s Pizza.

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