Worship and Another Fellowship Meal at Choctaw

My daughter and I drove out to Choctaw for worship this evening again. Last week, we thought we could see my cousins there, but it was a holiday, so they were away. Everyone promised they would be back this week, but they weren’t there. It just so happens that some churches have what is called “small group meetings” because they are big churches, and they try to get people into smaller group so they can make better friends. This evening, I was told a small group meeting was happening at one of my cousin’s houses, and the other cousin was at his house too. One of the members gave me one of my cousin’s phone numbers, so I will have to call him. All was not lost, though, I ran into a friend from high school this evening, and we sat together.

We went to high school together.

There were less people there because many of them were in small groups, but there was still a worship service. The preacher happened to be really good! Last week we had all read the book of James together, and he decided to preach out of the book of James this evening. It was a very practical sermon on things we should do and not do as Christians coming directly out of the book of James. I really enjoyed his lesson.

I really enjoyed the sermon! this guy is a good preacher!

After worship, they had a fellowship meal. We were invited to stay for the fellowship meal. We talked too long and didn’t get to the meal early on, and there wasn’t much food left when we got to eat. One of the members was bound and determined to do something to help us. He gave me my cousin’s phone number. He exchanged phone numbers with us. He gave my daughter information on looking for a job and said he was going to try to help her get a job. He said he would hire her himself, but he was a building contractor, and he didn’t think she wanted to work construction. He wanted us to look at a list where the church had furniture to give away thinking we might need it for our apartment, but there was only a kitchen table posted to give away, and our apartment will be too small to worry about a kitchen table. He actually introduced us to one of the ladies, and she took us to see the list. The members all had great attitudes about wanting to see whatever they could do to help us since we are new. It was Christianity at work among the members of the church.

Another fellowship meal after church
They served sloppy joes.
My daughter’s plate
We are Oklahoma! Of course, we had sweet iced tea to drink.
There were several different kinds of ice cream among the cakes and cookies for desert.
My daughter went for chocolate cake and chocolate oatmeal cookies.

After the meal we came home. Tomorrow, we are going to go and get the key to our apartment. It isn’t furnished, so tomorrow, we are going to be trying to find furniture so we can move into our apartment. My cousin is going to get a phone call too.

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