The Gospel is For All (Evanghelie e Pentru Toti)

Buna Ziua. Sper ca ati mers la biserica azi ca astazi e Duminica. (I hope you guys went to church today because today is Sunday.) Poti sa citiesti despre cand am mers la biserica azi de dimineata in cele alte blog am facut azi dupa masa. (You can read about when I went to church today in the morning in the other blog I did this afternoon.) Acum asi vreu sa te trimesc un cantec deosebit. (Now, I want to sent you a special song.) Acest cantec era scrise de un misionar la Japonia. (This song was written by a Japanese missionary.) El a venit din America, si a mers la Japonia. (He came from America, and went to Japan.) O bisercia il a trimis acolo sa invata oamoneilor despre Dumnezeu. (A church sent him there to teach people about God.) Totusi in timpul cand el era in Japonia. era oameni in bisercia pe care au decis ca ei nu au vrut sa trimi bani lor la Japonia, si misionarul lor trebuie sa vine acasa ca erau prea mult de oameni in America pe care si au avut nevoie de un misionar. (However when he want in Japan, there were people in the church that decided that they didn’t want to send their money to Japan, and their missionary needed to come home because there were too many people in America that needed a missionary.) Acel misionar a stiut ca erau oameni in fiecare tara pe care au avut nevoie de Dumnezeu, nu doar in America. (That missionary know that there were people in every country who needed a God, not just in America.) Bisericii in America poate sa invata pe cel in America, si el a avut grija despre oameni in Japnonia pentruca era doar putin de crestini in Japonai. (The churches in America can teach those in America, and he was worried about the people in Japan because there were only very few Christians in Japan.) El era foarte desmagazit, si a scris cantecul aceasta. (He was very disappointed, and he wrote this song.)

The Gospel is for All

Evanghelie e Pentru Toti

Of one the Lord has made the race,

Domnul a facut toti impreauna, o radacina,

Thro’ one has come the fall;

Caderul a venit prin unul;

Where sin has gone must go his grace:

Unde pacate a mers, harului trebuie sa merg;

The gospel is for all.

Evanghelie e pentru toti.

Chorus: (Cor:)

The blessed gospel is for all,

Binecuvantat evanghelie e pentru toti,

The gospel is for all;

Evanghelie e pentru toti;

Where sin has gone must go his grace:

Unde pacatele au mers, harului trebuie sa merg;

The gospel is for all.

Evanghelie e pentru toti.

Verse 2: (Vers 2)

Say not the heathen are at home,

Nu spuneti ca paganele sunt acasa,

Beyond we have no call,

Si nu trebuie sa avem grija de cele alte,

For why should be blest alone?

Dece doar noi trebuie sa fie binecuvantat?

The gospel is for all.

Evanghelie e pentru toti.

Verse 3: (vers 3)

Received ye freely, freely give,

Ai primit fara plata, si le dati fara plata,

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

From every land they call;

Din fiecare pamant ei cheama;

Unless the hear, they cannot live;

Daca ei nu aud, ei nu pot sa triesc,

The gospel is for all.

Evanghelie e pentru toti.


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