The Store Called Tuesday Morning

The lady whose house we have been staying at was thrilled when we told her we had an apartment. She decided to take us shopping and show us a store she liked thinking we could get some things for our apartment there. The name of the store is Tuesday Morning.

The store called Tuesday Morning

As we walked into the front of the store, first my daughter spotted the unusual candy on the left as you enter saying that when her husband gets here, she would have to come here because he loves unusual candy. The first thing I spotted was a beautiful Barbie doll and lots of holiday things.

As I opened the door and looked straight ahead, I saw a beautiful Barbie doll.
There were many witches for Halloween.
There were Christmas dolls.
Interesting skeletons
Cute Santas
Another interesting skeleton
Lots of pretty glass pumpkins
There were many beautiful Christmas decorations.

Off to the right, as you enter the store, there are lots of holiday items. There were lots of pretty glass pumpkins, Christmas decorations, and Halloween decorations.

There was even furniture as you went up and down the aisles of the store.
There were many pretty things.
Lots of nice bath things

We just walked up and down the aisles exploring. There were bed pillows, blankets, curtains, sheets, canisters, trash cans, etc., lots of things we might need when we move into the apartment, but we didn’t buy much because we aren’t in the apartment yet. We don’t even have an idea of how big the windows are or what kind of furniture we will have yet, so we can’t think about buying anything like this yet. However, it is nice to know it is all there.

a dream catcher shower curtain

My daughter found one thing we decided to buy, a dream catcher shower curtain. She said she plans on buying lots of cowboy and Indian things because she wants to celebrate her heritage. We come from cowboys and Indians, and my daughter is thrilled with her back ground and wants to remember it. By the way, I guess you can tell the internet is acting better. The lady finally let my daughter work on it, and she fixed it. I keep telling everyone that my daughter is a good one to have around for internet, and maybe they will begin listening to me after they see her work like she did on the internet where we are staying temporarily.

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